Is Tai Lopez A Scammer? My Social Media Marketing Agency & 67 Steps Review

I’m not sure if you know who Tai Lopez is, but most likely you’ve seen him in a recent YouTube Ad, Facebook Ad, or some other place on the internet.

Some people praise him, some bash him. So, here’s the question: Is Tai Lopez A Scammer?

From one affiliate marketer to another (because that’s what Tai Lopez is), I’m going to give you my opinion.

Watch the video below:

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Before we begin…

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Honestly, I think Tai is smart. He built his brand by leveraging and mastering YouTube. He saw an opportunity to become an expert at video marketing because he realized that there weren’t many people utilizing it.

Contrary to popular belief, I think he actually provides immense value to the marketplace. Many people feel that he just regurgitates other people’s information, but what they don’t realize is that everyone else does that too. We all had to learn from someone — we didn’t come up with the information on our own. Most likely, the information you learn about success and making money has been passed down for generations.

Maybe Tai can explain this information in a way that no one else can, and help other people understand it. Have you ever tried to learn a concept in school, and sometimes you had to ask more than one person to explain it to you before you understood it? Was it that your teacher is a bad teacher? Not at all. It’s simply the fact that someone else explained it in a way that made the most sense to you.

That’s all Tai is doing. He is taking knowledge from all these books and mentors and explaining it in a way that helps other people. That’s all affiliate marketers do — help other people.

It is common for haters to hate on the fact that he has or has not rented nice cars and huge houses, but hey — that’s marketing! It sells! If what he is doing will reach a wider audience because it has proven to work, why wouldn’t he do it?

He knows that he can take the knowledge that he learns and create things like his own book club, his own 67 steps program, and his own social media marketing agency. And yeah, he promotes a lot of products in his videos. But that’s what I do, and that’s what all great affiliate marketers do!

I’ve been able to build a massive email list and a hugely profitable business simply by doing this. And everything that I say in my videos, I got from someone else too. If you want to be successful in life you have to read books, listen to audios and learn from mentors.

So, no — I don’t think Tai Lopez is a scam. I think he’s an extremely smart marketer who knows his market very well. I have personally been through his 67 Steps Program where he has a lot of great knowledge and provides a ton of value. He didn’t have to think of all that knowledge himself, he just had to put a lot of time and effort into creating the content and putting together a cohesive course that would make sense to his audience.

So, how is he a scam when he is really just trying to help as many people as possible?

There you have it! My personal testimony and comments on Tai Lopez – Not a scammer.


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