Sam Ovens – Consulting Expert Or Scam? [Legit Review]

We’ve all, at one time or another, joined up with an offer to work online and make a lot of money through training and support.  Unfortunately, in many cases, we’ve been sadly let down and just thrown our money away on another scam.  If you are new to making a living online, you probably have a lot of questions and hopefully, we will be able to answer some of your concerns.

Before we begin…

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Recently, I have been researching Sam Ovens who has taken over the internet by storm with his consulting program to train up and coming entrepreneurs to follow his blueprint for future wealth and success. 

Is Sam Ovens for real or is he just another scam artist?  Let’s find out:

About Sam Ovens:

Sam grew up in New Zealand in an average blue-collar working-class family and had no idea there was a totally different world out there where people were making a great deal of money, far beyond his wildest dreams.  He pursued a career as a white-collar employee in a corporate position.  He first landed a job a Vodafone while still in college and believed he was living a life of success.

Sam Ovens - Consulting Expert Or Scam? [Legit Review]

Since then, he is a Forbes 30 Entrepreneur and founder of and SnapInspect.  His Consulting Accelerator training has produced 25 millionaires along with 500 people earning six-figure incomes.  He has been responsible for more than 3,000 people quitting their jobs and working full-time as consultants.

There is literally nowhere I can turn without seeing his ads all over the internet including YouTube and Facebook. 

His Journey:

At the age of 24, he started two successful companies while working out of his parents’ home. 

I first became familiar with Sam Ovens in a YouTube ad in which he talked about his success in consulting and making a 6-figure income.  A few years later, Sam continued to grow and is now making a 7-figure income and has tutored a number of students that have followed in his footsteps, making a great deal of money from consulting.

He calls himself the digital marketing consultant who has helped many companies make a great deal more money through digital marketing.  He also manages many of his clients’ ads and shows them how to improve their return on investment.

As mentioned earlier, he formed the company SnapInspect which is a property inspection app which is for people or companies involved in property management.

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So, Is Sam Ovens For Real Or A Scammer?

I have seen many people searching around the internet to find out if this man is for real or a scammer.  I think a lot of people draw the conclusion that he could be a scam because of his endless advertising online which leaves people a little skeptical.

Its the exact same case with Tai Lopez

After searching around, for some time now, I honestly believe that Sam Ovens is the real deal and not a scam artist.  He has been featured in Entrepreneur offering tips on how to succeed in business. 

I have been blogging and traveling around the internet for many years and have run into my fair share of con artists and scammers who offer programs that have zero value and would be a complete waste of your money and time.  Sam Ovens Is Not one of those people and I can safely say he is a professional consultant that has helped thousands of people reach their goals.

What Is Sam Ovens’ Net Worth?

I recently attended one of his webinars where he announced that Forbes estimated his wealth around $65 million.  Needless to say, that’s a very impressive amount of money!  No one can truly verify this figure because he has not confirmed one way or the other.  Considering the growth of his consulting business, I am sure he will continue to grow for many years to come.

About His Consulting Training:

I have not been through his training but after conducting some research, I have found others who have been and their reviews have actually been mixed.

Some people have said their experience was amazing and have made a lot of money while other people have found fault and complained about bad support and slow refunding when requested.

I have been involved in online marketing for quite a few years and I know how people operate in order to make money online.  There are two groups of people that will either succeed or will fail.

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The first group of people believes in direct action.  They have taken and implemented what Owens has taught them and clearly visualize the end results.  One particular past student is making $17K each month and in some cases, $200K a month.

The second group, even though they have been given everything possible to move forward choose to do nothing even with a map laid out directly in front of them.  The bottom line, you cannot be successful if you do not take action.

I have literally gone out of my way to lay down every step and what must be done in order to make money.  Unfortunately, these people prefer to drag their feet or find excuses not to do anything.  These people will then turn around and claim the program or training is a big scam!  They are only scamming themselves!

Although I have not been through Sam Ovens’ Consulting Program, I will say they need to improve their support and issue refunds in a timely manner, where need be.  Some reviews were a few years back and his business seems to be growing and he has added more members to his team.

In Conclusion:

In my years of experience, I honestly believe that Sam Ovens is one of the honest people you can trust and offers a great deal of value on his webinars which are absolutely free.  You do not have to spend so much as one penny until you are absolutely sure this is for you.

Success comes from a lot of hard work and dedication.  If you are one of the fortunate to have a mentor like Owens, take his advice seriously and pay attention to the map he has laid out in front of you, you can’t go wrong.

If you do decide to sign up, please – listen, learn, and take the appropriate action that he has taught you if you want true success!  

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