Why You Can’t Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing


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Why You Can’t Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?

All right you guys. I got to shoot a quick video for you guys then I’m going dancing tonight. I wanted to shoot this quick video for you and let you know why you’re struggling to make money with affiliate marketing. The best way that I can illustrate this is with a story on how I got started in this space and why I ended up teaching other people how to make money online and that’s realistically how it works out, right?
We get in this space at some point, and then somebody says, “Hey, you can create your own digital product.” We’re like, “What digital product am I going to create?” At the time I knew about pitching. Baseball. Pitching. I played baseball growing up and started when I was 8 years old and played until I was about 21 years old. That’s all I knew, is I knew baseball. I knew a little bit about mathematics, science, I wasn’t passionate about those areas. Didn’t really study anything else other than sports and what I was learning in school. I’m like, “I really don’t have a lot to teach here so what am I gonna do?” What ended up happening was I continued to struggle because I didn’t know how to create my own products. I didn’t know how to set up funnels, or sales pages, or emails, or learn how to sell. Any of that stuff.

What I began doing is I began learning about this trade we know about Internet marketing. This is what happens with a lot of people. It becomes their area of expertise, this Internet marketing trade and then they go out there to teach other people how to do this trade, and they have a lot of expertise and a lot of them still feel like students. They either don’t take a lot of action, or they’re in a market that is just extremely super saturated. This space is saturated with a lot of people, so you have to be willing to think outside the box, be more creative. Learn how to build your brand and most importantly, be amazingly consistent. Be consistent every single day. Put up content. Put up videos. Put up … Do Facebook lives. Post in your groups. Send out emails. You have to be really, really consider, especially since the competition is high in this industry.

There’s a few things that you can do, and I just explained one. You can obviously separate yourself by building a brand. You can also take what somebody else is doing and make it better. For example, a traffic strategy. You can take something that you learn from a course, but by the time you go through it, a lot of times the strategy may or may have not changed, but what you can still do is take the principles, take what you learn and innovate out of that. You gotta be really creative when it comes to making money in this industry. It’s tough to teach creativity. It’s tough to teach somebody to think outside the box. That’s entrepreneurship in itself. You gotta be willing to do things and test somethings that other people haven’t been willing to test to find out the result. Fail, and fail, and fail, and fail. And learn from those failures until you find a strategy that works.

What I would suggest is you either stick with this industry and implement what I just told you, or pick a new and less competitive industry. Now, it has to be an industry where you have some expertise in, or an industry where you’re learning, you’re willing to learn something new. There’s not just affiliate marketing. You have drop shipping, you have Amazon, FBA, you have doing client work. Consulting for small business owners. A social media marketing agency. There’s many different ways that you can build a business, not just in the affiliate marketing niche. You can go into other niches as well. I’m not saying this to deter you away from affiliate marketing, I believe in authenticity and I believe that I need to be realistic with you on what it takes to really make money online as an affiliate marketer, just like anything else.

You’ve got to be willing to separate yourself. You gotta be willing to think outside of the box. You gotta be willing to build a brand. You gotta be willing to do the things that most people aren’t willing to do and most of all you gotta be willing to be consistent. Most people aren’t willing to be consistent. They’re preached this dream, this Internet lavish lifestyle of printing money, and pressing a button, and working on a beach on the laptop for 30 minutes a day. And is that possible? Yes. If you’re actually living that life. You can do that. Maybe you can just all of a sudden quit your job and go travel to Thailand, and act like you’re making money online.

Maybe it will manifest itself. That has happened to you before. But, if you want to build a long term sustainable business, I believe authenticity is the key. I’m being authentic with you by saying, “This will take effort. It will take work. You can do this. It is far better than working any day job. It’s a great supplemental way to make some extra income, but you gotta be realistic.” I want to get you to start thinking outside the box. Start thinking different. Try new things. Taste new strategies. Don’t be afraid to break stuff. During this journey you’re going to be learning funnels. You’re going to be learning a lot of different things.

A lot of you that are watching this have been experiencing with a lot of this stuff. The most important reason why you’re failing, is because you’re focused too much on the technical stuff and consuming, and you’re not producing. Go from the consumer mindset to the producer mindset. Start putting out content based off of what you’re learning. That’s what this industry is all about. It’s telling people to do the same thing over and over again until they do it. Some of you have heard this before, in my other videos, to learn something, to do it, and to teach it to other people. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

If you got some value from this video, let me know in the comments. Let me know specifically what area of affiliate marketing you’re struggling with. Is it overwhelm? Did this hopefully give you some clarity on what you need to do next? If it did, please let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe. I’m uploading videos on a weekly basis that will help you build a life and business full of freedom, passion, and fulfillment. Affiliate marketing is obviously one of the businesses that you can build. Don’t forget to check out the resources section below for resources that will help you take hour life and business to the next level. This is Josh Elder, from joshelder.com signing off and we will see you in the next video. Take care.


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