iMarketsLive Review – Is IML Hands FREEdom Forex Trading?


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iMarketsLive Review – Is IML Hands FREEdom Forex Trading?

Hey guys, what’s going on? Joshua Elder here, and welcome to yet another review. Today we’re going to be going over iMarketsLive. I know most of you guys are back to the channel so I appreciate your support. Those of you that are brand new, you’re probably wondering, “Why do you waste your time doing these reviews?” Well number one, I hope that I give you so much value that in sometime in the future you decide to purchase one of my products, or one of my recommended programs. Number two, is I struggled for the first five years of being online. Why? Because I was buying everything and anything under the sun. I was getting distracted, I was looking for the shortcut, I didn’t have the right mindset, I didn’t have any patience, and it led me down a road of spending thousands upon thousands of dollars, and I don’t want you to go through the same struggle that I went through.

Not that everything out there is a scam, but I wanna help you gain some clarity, because I did get involved with a lot of products that didn’t serve me, and I realized I had a lot of what I was already looking for inside me. So, that’s really why I do these reviews is a lot of times I’ll spend my hard earned money, if I actually see it as a viable and valuable product from the get go. If it is, and I get the right vibe, and I think it’s somewhat going to be valuable for my community, I’ll purchase it, but I’ll do a lot of research first. I’ll go out there, I’ll look at other YouTube videos, I’ll look at other Google posts, Google blogs to find out more about the products before I go ahead and purchase.

Now, I did see this more than once. I was going to get involved with iMarketsLive, but I decidedvnot to, just because the information out there wasn’t clear. It was either outdated, or it wasn’t consistent on each of the websites that I went to. So, here’s what I finally derived about iMarketsLive, and I’m gonna do my very best you guys to give you guys the best review that I can with the information that I have, okay?


iMarketsLive Review – The Products

So, number one, let’s talk about the products a little bit. Let’s first talk about what iMarketsLive is. It’s basically a platform of experts that show you how to trade FOREX, not only through training, but they will give you their signals, they will give you basically their plan and exactly what they’re doing to trade the markets through currency. Now, FOREX trading is basically currency trading, again, I’m not an expert in this industry, I do know that. Now let’s first talk about the IML Fusion Trader. Now, what this does is it lets the experts trade for you based off of the package you select, and based off of the risk that you wanna take, okay?

So, if you wanna take higher risk, they’ll typically chose a portfolio or a package that has a higher volatility and a higher risk, and based off the amount of money that you have they will select that particular package for you. Now, if you don’t wanna risk quite as much, you can chose a lower package and they will make your trades for you accordingly. So, the IML Fusion Trader will basically make your trades automatically without you inputting trades. What you have next is you have the IML Swipe Trades. So, basically it will give you future trades based off of past trades, and past historical data, and it will give you the probability of that specific trade having success.

So, I saw a particular video with a guy and he was at Starbucks. It was like a two minute long video, and he was actually showing example of how the technology works. Basically what they’ll do is they will send you an email telling you what trade to make. So all you have to do is select a button, and it will automatically make that trade for you. So, I think they might use their own exchange that’s integrated with the iMarketsLive app. Then you have the IML Academy. The IML Academy will teach you how to duplicate an expert’s results. So, you’ll go over the training. They have, I believe, daily and even weekly training that you can jump on, and they will show you step by step exactly the psychology of how they trade. They’ll teach you fundamental analysis, they’ll teach you the basics, they’ll teach you the intuition that goes into trading FOREX, and so on and so forth.

So, what this iMarketsLive really allows you do, is it allows you to earn while you learn, and once you learn, become independent and be able to go out there and trade the markets without having any bot, or without having any outside influence. The cost of this whole entire thing … and before I get into that let’s get into the IML Harmonic Scanner. It’s just another way of predicting a future trend of a specific trade based off of past history. It’ll scan the market for the best trades based on proven harmonic patterns, is what they call it.

iMarketsLive  – IML Costs Involved

The most difficult part for me was also finding out what the price was. I went on one website, it said it was 195 and then 145 a month, and then on another website it said it was 235 and then 185 a month.

Now, of course the 195 is basically saying that it comes with the Harmonic Scanner, IML Academy, IML TV, Daily Swing Trades, and then the 235 plus 185 each month is everything above plus the FOREX Signals Live, Fusion Trader and Swipe Trades. You can either become a customer and then … I believe these are the costs for the customer … and then if you wanna become an affiliate and resell the system, and the education, and the auto trading software, then you can do that at an extra monthly fee. That’s based off of what I understand. Again guys, I wanted to give you the best review that I could, but yeah, that’s pretty much the whole outlook on iMarketsLive.

From my gut feeling, it seems like it’s a pretty legitimate opportunity. If you’re serious about getting into FOREX, what I would do is I would go out there and I would find an expert in the FOREX market and learn everything you can from them, because a course, and even online trainings can do only so much. I think it makes such a difference when you can personally connect with somebody that can actually guide you step by step and show you the way. Whether it’s through a Facebook group, whether it’s through a personal interaction, whether it’s through Skype or Zoom. If somebody can actually guide you and show you that you can truly do this, because I think half the battle, actually 90% of the battle, is belief.

So, based off of my experience, regardless of what industry you go in, you do need that foundation, you do need that support. That’s what I do for my team. I do affiliate marketing. I teach people how to sell other people’s products and earn a commission off of it. That’s what I know, and that’s what I know that I can teach you. So, with that said, you can go ahead and take the risk on iMarketsLive, but I wanna caution you, make sure that you connect with the right person if you’re gonna join. Make sure that you find somebody that can actually give you the time and the resources that you deserve. If not, you wanna get started with my proven system, and my proven way of building a highly profitable business using affiliate marketing, not to mention, I built a multiple six figure business in this space just working online part-time. I would love for you to be a part of my team, and what I’m doing.

If that sounds good to you, great. There’s a link in the description you can check it out. If not, that’s cool too. So, with that said, if you got some value from this video, give me a thumbs up. Also, don’t forget to like this video and subscribe, and comment if you have any questions below. Don’t forget to check out the resources section below. I’m always upload videos that will help you build a life and business full of freedom, passion, fulfillment. This is Josh Elder signing off. We’ll see you in the next video.

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