Affiliate Marketing Tips – How To Make A Consistent Income With Affiliate Marketing

Today, I want to give you guys a tip.

Those of you that are new, those of you that are struggling to create consistent sells, I think that’s one of the biggest problems of this industry, is you see a lot of people that don’t show their real results.

They look as if they’re always making $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 a month. And that just isn’t true most of the time.

Obviously, like anything, this requires work. And you need a lot of virtual assets online.

What do I mean by that? I mean that you can’t just be relying on one specific form of traffic, one specific form of generating leads and sells.

For example, YouTube is a platform that I’ve used for quite a while now. And YouTube changes from time to time. They change their algorithms.

Last month actually, September, they had over 200 updates. Right? And so I see so many people that are kind of chasing the bouncing ball down the road, trying to continuously maintain their lead flow, subscribers, so on and so forth. And it’s a lot of work.

Before we begin…

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How To Make A Consistent Income With Affiliate Marketing

And so what I’ve realized, though, because this can happen, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. You can’t put all your eggs in the YouTube basket. You have to learn other skillsets, or have an idea of other skillsets so you can then go and outsource other traffic generating strategies.

And that’s why a lot of people stay stuck, is because they’re relying just on solo ads, or just on Facebook marketing. By the way, Facebook has made a ton of changes.

They’re just relying on Instagram.

They’re just relying on free traffic or paid traffic, so I want to shed some light in this video on this and kind of give you some clarity as to what you should expect moving forward so you know that you’re on the right path because a lot of you guys just think that you’re doing a bunch of things wrong, and you’re not necessarily.

You’re going down the right path. You just need to make a few tweaks. And you just need a little bit more experience.

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How To Make Consistent Sales and Income

I was helping one of my clients last week. And we dove and we looked at his numbers. We looked at how many leads he was generating. We looked at the clicks and everything. And he wasn’t getting any sells. He was emailing his list. He was doing all the things that he was told to do, but he’s not getting results.

And it’s because we often tell people, and I’ve even said this myself, we often tell them to focus on just one method. Focus on just one strategy.

So I would say, “Hey Frank. You know what, go out there and just focus on YouTube and become a master of it. And then branch out into other strategies.”

Well, because the Internet’s changing now more than ever, it’s hard to keep up with algorithms and updates and all these different things. Instead of approaching it from an angle where you’ve got to reverse engineer the platform, which is useful if you’re somebody that’s analytical like I am.

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How To Make Consistent Sales with No Experience

But somebody that’s newer, or somebody that just doesn’t have that sort of experience, or that ability, what do they do?

What you need to make sure that you’re doing is understand sort of the framework of how YouTube works. You don’t need to go in depth about back linking and SEO and viewer retention and all these different things.

If you focus on, number one, being genuine and number two providing good quality value to people and helping move them closer to the truth instead of away from the truth, people are going to find you on social media.

If you go out there on Instagram, you’re trying to game the system, you’re trying to break down the algorithm, yeah, you’re going to have some success. But you’re always going to be chasing instead of creating native content on that platform.

On Instagram, people love to see engaging videos, engaging, beautiful content, so provide content that’s native to Instagram, native to Facebook, native to YouTube.

And if you do that consistently, if you just take action, if you get your feet wet, if you get dirty, you’re going to make some mistakes. But there’s nothing better than experience.

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How Not To Make Consistent Sales and Income

Instead of thinking that you’ve got to go through another course or another program to learn the latest hack, by the time you do that, that hack will be outdated, and then onto the next thing.

What you need to be doing is, don’t just jump in head first, but start just thinking about your message, thinking about how you want to position yourself in the marketplace versus everybody else.

Because what people are doing is, it’s like monkey see, monkey do. They’re like parrots, in other words, copying each other.

I’ve done it. We’ve all done it.

But if you want to separate yourself from everybody else, you have to have a refreshing message. You have to have a refreshing perspective. And if you build it, they will come. Right?

You just have to build it. You have to start putting out quality content. Stop worrying so much about algorithms. Stop worrying so much about the details and the analytics and traffic and conversions and your capture page percentages, and worry more about people.

If you just worry more about people and what they want versus what you want, people are going to buy from you. Don’t just use one platform.

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Diversifying To Make Consistent Sales and Income

Maybe you generate traffic from YouTube. You get people on an email list from YouTube. And then maybe you follow up with them with a Facebook post because what we’re slowing doing is we’re indoctrinating people. We’re getting them, in other words, it’s a fancy word for getting them to know, like, and trust us.

If we just focus on slowing building that relationship over time through different social media platforms, so maybe one day I email them some content on YouTube.

The next day, maybe it’s Facebook.

There’s so many people, so much noise. People saying, “You must email every single day, and email twice a day because email’s dying.” I’ve even said that.

But what I’ve noticed from taking this break is I was able to step back and really look at how I wanted to serve people and how I wanted to run my business.

I looked at the income that I wanted to generate.

And I looked at how I wanted to run my business, and particularly how many days and how many hours I wanted to work. Right?

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My Goal to Make Consistent Sales and Income with Affiliate Marketing

My regimen is to work three hours.

And my goal is to, number one, make a consistent $50,000 a month. That’s my first milestone. My next milestone will be $100,000 a month. I’ve got it all mapped out. And you guys are going to watch it happen.

I’ve actually already been implementing a lot of this stuff. And I want to do it in a way where I don’t have to be constantly … I don’t mind constantly uploading content. But I don’t want to do it in a way that isn’t enjoyable. That’s why it’s so important to speak your own message versus speak a message that maybe everybody else wants.

Now there is a caveat to that. You want to give people what they want, and then give them what you want.

I initially built my following by giving people exactly what they wanted. And then, now this video, in this case I’m giving people what I want, or what I believe that they need.

And this is the truth. It’s not about solo ads anymore. Solo ads worked years ago. And can they still work today? Yeah, they can. But it’s going to take a while. You’ve got to play the long game.

Solo ads is just a gamble.

You don’t know what list you’re buying, the demographics of that list and you can’t control your traffic.

At least YouTube, you don’t really control your traffic either because I can’t control who’s going to come to this video. But I can at least funnel people from this video, and I can sort of pre frame them and qualify them to actually work with me, so I can choose who I want to work with.

Does that make sense?

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Just Be Yourself

You want to make sure that you are doing that inside of your marketing. And so just be careful with the strategies that you’re using.

Don’t put all your eggs into solo ads. Facebook or YouTube.

Make sure that you understand the framework of these platforms and make sure that you understand your message and that you’re posting quality content around that message that’s refreshing and new and different than what everybody else is doing.

And it’s easy to do that. What is your truth?

What are the lies that are being told out there?

And how can you bring people closer to the truth?

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