How To Make $100 to $1000 A Day


How To Make $100 to $1000 A Day

Hey Welcome back to the blog!In this post, I’m gonna show you how to make anywhere between $100 to $1000 a day, with no more than 10 minutes of work, in a legitimate, foolproof copy and paste method.

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So, with that said, let’s dive into the actually content. You guys can see that I’m here on a new website. It’s called Most of you guys aren’t familiar with this because I’ve been teaching a lot of YouTube methods, how to rank at the top of YouTube, how to build an affiliate marketing business with YouTube, how to get views to your YouTube videos. But in this video, we’re gonna talk about how to kinda transition that skillset over to websites and how to model successful websites out there and create similar websites that will achieve similar results.

So, if you know you have a website out there, that you know about, in your niche that’s making $10000 a month, the best thing to do is go to that website, look at all the content on that website, figure out how they’re getting traffic, that website’s getting traffic to their content and how they’re monetizing, right? And ahrefs does a great job of showing you exactly what these websites are ranking for and what they’re doing in the background to rank.

Affiliate Marketing Example

So, in this video, I’m gonna use an example within my niche, which is the affiliate marketing niche. So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna jump over to this side. This looks kinda foreign to you. All I did was, I took this specific website here, affiliate, which is a website that has somewhat some authority in the affiliate marketing niche, somewhat well-known. And what I want to do is; I wanna take this website and I wanna build a website similar to it, right? Not the exact structure, but a lot of the same content because I want to rank at the top of the search engines, just like this website is as well.

So, all I did is; I went out there to basically to and I just typed in different search terms that have to do with affiliate marketing, okay? And what happened was; this website showed up at the top of Google for this specific keyword term, known as AWOL Academy reviews. And AWOL Academy is a product within the affiliate marketing niche and it’s super-popular out there. I’m seeing ads everywhere on YouTube, on Google. So, I know people are on the internet searching a review for it. So, what I wanna do is; I wanna position myself to siphon off some of that traffic and rank at the top of Google, so I can get a section of that search volume.

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HOW TO MAKE $100 To $1000 A DAY – Reverse Engineer Success

So, what I did is; I typed that keyword in, here at the top, that search phrase, ad you can see that affiliate is ranked number three here, okay? And so what I did is; I took this URL right here, and I copied it. And what I wanna do is, I wanna reverse engineer this specific page and I wanna find out how they’re ranking at the very top of Google for this specific keyword term. So, what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna go back over here, all right? In this case, I’d be on this page. Let’s go to, now if you just go straight to, you’ll probably have to sign up for an account. I actually have a free account right now. You can upgrade, it just gives you a lot more data so it’s useful to upgrade at some point. But we’re gonna kinda show you the free way that you can use in the meantime.

Use Ahrefs To Spy On Competition

So, what we’re gonna do is, I would come to ahrefs, I would type in this URL at the top and I’d click search and it would take me to this page right here. It has all this mumbo jumbo, ahrefs rank, back links, referring domains, organic keywords, we’re not gonna really worry too much about this right now, or else this video would just last way too long. What we wanna do is, we wanna pay attention to this left-hand sidebar right here. We’re gonna go under organic search and we wanna click on organic keywords, okay? We wanna find out exactly what keywords this specific webpage right here is ranked for, okay?

So, what we’re going to do, is we’re going to obviously type that in. In this case, we would type this in right here, click enter. Then we would go to organic keywords and you’re gonna see all the different keywords, the variations of AWOL Academy. You have the product creator too, right here, Keala Kanae. You have AWOL Academy reviews, scams, so on and so forth. And what it’ll also do is it’ll show us the monthly search volume of these specific keywords here and then along with their position, AKA their rank inside of Google.

Model Campaign And Keywords

So, in this case, what I could do is, I could be like, “Okay, this specific page is ranked for so many different keywords and it’s getting all this traffic, I would love to siphon off a bit of that traffic.” So, what I would do is I would copy, or model so to speak, not exactly copy, their whole entire campaign and their keywords that they’re using to rank for, their article structure, back links that they’re using, okay? You can actually find out which links are linking to the specific webpage. And if you guys don’t know what back links are, that is a teaching for another video.

Backlinks = Referrals

But basically, in a nutshell, back links are basically referrals to a website. The more referrals you have to a website, the higher that website’s going to rank in the search engine. Lots of referrals tells Google, “Wow, this is popular. People are talking about it. People like it.” Thus, Google’s gonna give it more credit and authority and rank it at the very top of the search engines. Now, what you can actually do, is you can co-hear, on this left-hand sidebar once again and you can click on back links and you can find out the exact back links that are linking back to this specific webpage right here.

And what you can do, is you can actually go out there and click, for example this page right here, this is one of the pages that has a back link to of course this specific webpage here. And you could create the same back link for yourself to your website. So, we’re basically copying the back links that they are using on the same sites for our website, thus helping us rank in a similar or higher position inside of Google.

So I know this stuff might sound more complex, more complicated, don’t worry too much about it. I do wanna show you a little bit of the psychology behind it. I’m gonna show you how to get around it within this video too, as well.

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HOW TO MAKE $100 To $1000 A DAY –  Data Crunch

So, what I did is, I took into account all this data, the search volume, the structure of the website, the website itself. I really wanted to find out if this was a specific search phrase that would be worth is to go for to rank at the top of Google and if the search results, the search traffic in other words, would be worth it, okay? So, taking that into account, I decided, “Okay, you know what I’m gonna do? Is I’m going to create a webpage exactly like this.” So, I went to their actual website, this specific page and I took all the content and I to and I typed in ‘rewrite article’ okay? And fivver, you can pay five or more dollars to have pretty much virtually anything completed on the internet, from digital marketing to writing a translation to video and animation, music/audio programming and tech, so on and so forth.

Rewrite Article

So, what I did is, I sorted by best selling and you can see, this has 37 reviews here. I typically like something that has at least 500 to 1000. That gives you 100% confidence that the writers are of quality. And so for example, this marknoyce, I would click right here and I would pick the package that correlates to how many words I need written. In this case, I think it was right around 1000 to 2000 words, so it was a bit longer, so I ended up going with somebody else and I ended up paying $47.25 because I knew the value of that search term.

When somebody typed in Keala Kanae or somebody typed in Project AWOL reviews, or just AWOL Academy reviews, I knew that I could get potentially a thousand people per month on autopilot to my website, with just doing one batch of 10 minutes worth of work, right?

Buy Backlinks

And this is the 10 minutes of work, is you do that quick research, you have an article rewritten that’s just like this article here, you structure it the same, just like this website, okay? And then lastly, what you can do is buy back links, right? We talked about back links. Instead of having to go out there and manually click on each of these and create back links manually, we wanna focus on your strengths which is creating the content and uploading that content to a blog, okay?

Leave all the rest of this stuff up to somebody else and that’s exactly what I did is I paid somebody $6 to go out there, this is back in January. So, in total, I paid right around, what is that? $53.25 or so, which is going to be very much worth it in the long run. So, you’ve gotta be willing, whether it’s time or money, you gotta invest into building your business. You can’t avoid this. There’s so many YouTube videos talking about how you can make money online without investment.

If you really wanna make life-changing income, you guys have to be willing to invest into your business and know that the fruits of your labor today will make you money tomorrow.

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HOW TO MAKE $100 To $1000 A DAY – Waiting Game

So, I bought the back links, I had the article rewritten, okay? So, this is what I did first because you can’t buy the back links until your article is on your website because then you need to give them the URL to your website. So, what I did is, I had that article rewritten and I paste that article on my website. I optimized it for SEO purposes, similar to this article, so I would rank at the top for AWOL Academy reviews.

Now, you’re gonna notice that I’m not quite there yet because it can take time to rank. I give you guys long term strategies that are evergreen. I’m not gonna give you guys something that’s gonna help you rank tomorrow and then you’re gonna get blacklisted by Google and not rank the next week. A lot of these short-term tactics that people talk about on YouTube, they’re not long-term tactics. I’m teaching you guys long-term tactics here, okay?

The Results

So, with that being said, I’m not ranking for AWOL Academy reviews, but I am ranking for Keala Kanae, right? At the very bottom here, you can see that I’m ranked number eight. And that keyword, that search phrase still receives quite a bit of traffic. If we go over here, we see Keala Kanae, it actually gets the most amount of traffic out of this group of keywords here. You can see that affiliate UnGurus ranked number one. I’m ranked number eight, but I would guarantee in the next three months or so, I’m gonna be up there right by that website, affiliate UnGuru.

So, that is pretty much the formula; is I reverse engineer the article. I went out there, basically took content that was already out there, re-created it, 100% unique, hired somebody to rewrite it, uploaded it to my website, sent back links to this website, AKA referrals and boom. Now I’m ranking in the top ten for this specific keyword, and this is just one keyword. I’m getting about probably maybe 10% of that search traffic here, that’s just one article. When I upload hundreds of articles, man, that’s continuity, residual passive income on a daily basis.

How To Monetize

Now, how am I actually monetizing? How I am making money from this article now? Well, what I can do is, I can give them value, give them a review on this AWOL Academy that’s in the affiliate marketing space, but then I can also recommend my own products and services in the affiliate marketing industry and that’s exactly what this link does.

It leads people out to, of course, a capture page and enter their name and Email address, they’re exposed to a product, right? And if they buy that product, I get a cut of the commission. If not, I could just follow up with them through Emails. And then on top of that, I’m killing two birds with one stone, by creating a video also, around AWOL Academy review, that could potentially rank in YouTube and Google for the same keyword term.

So, I could have a website ranked in Google for AWOL Academy review or Keala Kanae and also have a video ranked at the top of Google for AWOL Academy or Keala Kanae. What you an also do, you guys can see that I’m just doing a talking head video here, a video of me personally. What you can also do is record your screen of your article on your website. I see a lot of successful affiliate marketers do this and they’ll just go line by line and kinda give people a summary.

They won’t read verbatim, but kind of give people a review, right? Just like this video would, except that makes it easier for your if you don’t wanna have to show your face. You can just have an article like this rewritten, put it up on your site and then you can kind of go through it, prepare yourself for five minutes so you know what it’s about and then give people a quick review, and then kind of read along with this.

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HOW TO MAKE $100 To $1000 A DAY – Conclusion

So, that is pretty much the formula, you guys. I hope you got value from this video. If you did, like this video, comment below, subscribe to the channel. Let me know if you have any questions. And guys, I’m showing you guys what I’m doing inside of my business as I’m doing it, just loading you guys with value each and every day.

You guys are gonna see this website gain traction and gain a lot of traffic from using this exact formula that I’m using. So, make sure you go out there, you model what I’m teaching here, you use this. Do not copy other peoples’ info. I do not recommend that you do that. Be willing to pay the money, be willing to pay the price, but you can have a blog post done in no more than 10 minutes a day and then if you wanna add an extra video, maybe that’s 20 to 30 minutes, and then just let Google to the work for you.

Eventually your websites will rank, and you just wanna take this formula. You wanna rinse and repeat. What most people are doing, is they’re blogging one day and then a couple of days later, they wanna do video marketing a couple of days. So, they’re doing something and then they’re just erasing exactly what they just did and they’re trying something else. This needs to be consistent, you guys. If you’re going to blog, blog daily and get money, right? If you’re gonna do videos every day, do videos daily and get money. Rinse and repeat.

So, with that said, Josh Elder signing off. And just to show you guys some quick results, these are the results that I’m getting from implementing this formula that I showed you in conjunction with video marketing. You guys can see that this works. I’m averaging anywhere between $1500, all the way up to almost $4000 a week, so this is something that will definitely, definitely work. It works and this is just on the front end. This isn’t other commissions that I’m making. So, let’s end this video here. Thank you so much. Josh Elder signing off. We’ll see you in the next video. Take care.

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