How To Create Affiliate Marketing Campaigns That SELL

Today, I’m gonna show you how to create affiliate campaigns that sell.

Over the past few weeks, 21 days to be exact, I’ve been able to generate over $18,000 inside of my affiliate marketing business, and in todays post, I’m gonna show you exactly how I did that step by step and click by click.

Before we begin…

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Driving Traffic To Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

The first thing that we need inside of our affiliate marketing business, is traffic, right? We need to send traffic to an offer.

Most of us know that. Traffic is simply eyeballs to a specific offer, to a sales page, to a landing page, so on and so forth.

So the first thing that we wanna do, is we wanna create a result. We wanna create a success story, we wanna build off of that success story.

So, number one, what we do is we go to a solo ad vendor or make a post on Facebook informing our audience about our specific offer.

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Affiliate Marketing Sales with Solo Ads

Now, most people that are less experienced, maybe you’re somebody that’s getting started, solo ads are gonna be the best way to start.

Here’s where most people struggle when it comes to solo ads…

They’ll send out one solo ad and get a flood of leads and may or may not get any sales

Next, they’ll look at their account and notice that they didn’t make any money, and they tend to quit.

They say this thing doesn’t work. Well, they forgot the other part of the formula: most people are looking for the 20% of people up front trying to make money from them. People often forget about the 80% of people that are ready to buy later down the road.

So the first order of business is to get the offer out there to the marketplace.

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Create Your First Result with Solo Ads

The next order of business, is we wanna create our first result.

If we send out a solo ad, maybe we get some sales, maybe we don’t get some sales.

That’s okay because we’re thinking longterm here.

You may want to send out your offer once again to that list that you just created from that initial solo ad.

So you’re gonna think about a different angle to email your list and let them know about the same thing. Requires a little ingenuity, just a little bit of creativity, but when you do this correctly, you begin to create results.

The idea from the get-go is to create that first result, create that first success.

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Testimonials For Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

You may be promoting an affiliate product in the weight loss industry.

What you wanna do is go through that product and become a testimonial for them.

Document the results and the progression of the results from the training that you’re getting from that specific product.

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My Affiliate Marketing Campaign

So let me illustrate exactly how that works.

What I personally did, is I sent an email out to my current list letting them know about a new system that had been released to the marketplace. That allowed me to get my first result.

It allowed me to create my first $500 within one day. Now, when people create their first result, that’s typically where they stop. They don’t continue and build off of that result.

This is where consistency needs to take place. You need to be putting out content every single day, building off of that previous result.

In this case, what I did was I made one video, and I said, ‘Hey guys, I sent an email out to my list, ‘the response was amazing, here are the results that I got.’ And I’d show them my income proof. And at the end of it, I’d say, ‘Hey, if you’d like to plug into the same system, ‘just click the link below and check it out.’

Really no hard selling whatsoever, I just let the proof do the talking.

This is a method that I call ‘selling without selling’.

It’s the ability to demonstrate that your process, that your product, that your service, that whatever you’re promoting works, and showing your prospect that it works, and then just simply at the end asking, ‘Hey, would you like to learn more? ‘Would you like more information?’ And then including a link in the description of your video.

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Building Off Your Affiliate Marketing Successes

So I did that in video one, I did that on video two, I did that on video three, and I made about nine videos showing the progression of the specific campaign.

The key here, you guys, is to continually build off of your previous results. What I’m doing is I’m using mediums such as YouTube, I’m using my email list, I’m exposing them to an offer, and then I’m building off of my success as a result, re-emailing my list, uploading more YouTube videos, showing the progression and my progress of the specific product that I went through.

And that’s the idea here.

If you look at my YouTube channel here, you can see the result. And this is something that anybody can do.

Episode one, I basically explain to people, ‘Hey, guys, check it out, I just ‘launched this new campaign and I wanna document ‘how it’s going here on YouTube. ‘And if you wanna join me along the way, ‘there’s a link in the description, you can do that.’

And so, what I’m doing is I’m exposing that video to my current subscriber base on YouTube, and I’m taking that video and I’m emailing that video out to my email list, okay, very simple, very easy. And then I repeated that process.

Episode two, episode three, episode four, episode five, all the way up to episode eight. And then I actually did a review on the product at the very end, showing them my overall results in 21 days flat.

So becoming a testimonial of the product is absolutely huge.

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Results from My Affiliate Marketing Sales

As a result of doing this, I’ve been able to create over $18,000 in 21 days, I showed some of you guys this the other day, if you didn’t see this, you can see just by simply following this process right here:

In one income stream I generated over $13,000; in the next income stream, $970; income stream after that, $4,174.50; income stream after that, $349.90; and the income stream after that.

If we add up these two figures, that’s right around $1300 or so.

That adds up to over $18,000, you can feel free to do the math, and I hope you’re excited to go out there and implement this inside of your own business.

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