How To Advertise On YouTube Search In 2018 With Google Ads

Today, I’m going to talk more about YouTube Ads and how to position your YouTube Ads and ultimately why you should utilize YouTube Ads.

The first reason you’ll want to do this is that you’re going to grow your channel a lot faster

And number two, you can use retargeting with YouTube Ads to really speed up your rate of success and pay a lot lower per lead and per click, and overall make a lot more money.

Specifically, I’m going to be talking about in display ads and search ads specifically.

There’s a few types of ads, and I’ve said this in past videos, but let me just reiterate this real quickly.

You have ads that show at the top of the search results and then you have ads that show before actual videos.

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Different YouTube Ad Placements

If I was to click on a video that is set up for monetization, typically an ad would play before his video would play.

You got to think about the consumer.

What sort of mindset is the consumer in when they’re searching for a keyword, for a certain search phrase in other words, when they’re looking to solve a specific problem, and then what type of mind frame are they in when they actually click on one of the videos, right?

When it comes to these types of ads, I like these types of ads because they’re in the beginning of their search versus doing like an in stream ad when they’ve already clicked the video.

They’re kind of in the middle of their search and so you really have to catch attention and you really have to engage them so they watch your whole entire ad.

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In-display YouTube Search Advertising

In this post, we’re going to be talking about in display search ads and not true video ads or in stream ads just to make it clear.

What I’m doing right now is I’m actually creating videos around specific keyword phrases within my niche.

I teach affiliate marketers how to become better affiliate marketers and increase their income and get over hurdles and roadblocks when it comes to making money online within this specific niche.

What I notice most people doing that are actually doing ads the wrong way is they’re just placing ads on random keywords.

What do I mean by this? Well, there’s affiliate marketing for beginners, which is what I typed in, and what you want from an ad standpoint to increase your click through rate is you want your ad, the title to say “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.”

Here, this one just says, “How I Make Money Online.” This is Keala Kanae of Project AWOL. He’s had this ad around for quite some time.

Does this ad work? Yes.

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One-Size Fits All YouTube Search Advertising

The reason why he’s doing it this way is so he can create one single piece of content and gain impressions for multiple thousands of different keywords.

He’s not having to go out and create a separate view for affiliate marketing for beginners and then how to make money online and then how to start an online business and click bait marketing videos and so on and so forth.

He’s created this sort of one size fits all video. Now he’s not going to get as many click throughs, but he’s still going to get quite a few views. You really have to pick and choose your battle.

What I like about the way that I do it, so just to kind of show you guys, please do not go to YouTube and type “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.” I know there’s people that are going to do this anyways.

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My YouTube Search Advertisement Warning

I’m putting my faith in your guys. I’m not going to show these types of videos if you guys just go and type these keywords in and then start clicking on my ads. Please do not do that.

If I notice that, I’m going to stop creating videos like this. I want to do my best to give you guys value and give you guys live case studies so you can actually see the keyword that the consumer would be typing in or the searcher would be typing in is the same title that I have right here, so it’s very congruent. People are more likely to click this video than just to skip down to this video like they would here.

Also, you’re able to kill two birds with one stone because now since I’m paying for views, you could see that this says ad right here. I’m using Google Ads to obviously pay Google to rank at the top.

What’ll happen over time is Google will actually start to reward you.

Google will start to rank you higher in the search engines for paying for ad space, right? Google obviously is a for profit company. If you just create bunch of videos and stay at the top of the search engines long term, which is actually quite difficult to do.

I mean there are niches out there that are a lot easier, but the reason they don’t make it easy for you to keep your rankings once you have rankings is because they want you to pay for ads. They want to improve the user experience, but they also want the content creator to pay for ad space.

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YouTube Search Advertising Algorithm

This is another reason why they constantly have changed their algorithm is so creators like myself have to post more to gain more views. When you can’t beat them, you join them, which is perfectly fine especially if you want to scale.

What you can do is you can create a lot less content and you can scale a lot higher because you’re paying to be ranked at the top versus having to slowly build your channel up over time, and then eventually have kind of authority in your channel, be able to rank a lot easier.

This helps you sort of shortcut your success when it comes to getting subscribers, when it comes to getting views and getting leads and sales inside of your business. Also I want to add, just because you have a lot of subscribers doesn’t mean those subscribers are actually going to see your videos.

Now I mentioned in the beginning of this video to tick the bell icon to be notified of all future videos that I upload. I upload them. Now you’re still not guaranteed to receive all notifications because the way that the algorithm works now is if you’re watching a lot of videos say on like Star Wars, then you’re going to be notified of other Star Wars videos versus like affiliate marketing videos.

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Getting Subscribers with YouTube Search Advertising

If you’re out there watching other affiliate marketing videos and consuming a lot of that content right now on YouTube, then YouTube’s going to show you more of my content since you’re also subscribed to my channel too if that make sense.

A lot of people are trying to get subscribers because they think that, “Okay. If I have 100,000 subscribers for example, like I’m an authority and that means I’m making a lot of money.”

It doesn’t mean anything anymore.

The goal of YouTube is to keep people on their platform. Even though you might be subscribed to somebody about, for example, baking, but yet you’re watching a bunch of Star Wars videos, you’re going to see more Star Wars videos than baking videos if that make sense.

Even if I go to like my YouTube homepage over here, I’m in an incognito window so I can get some true results over here as far as rankings and impressions as far as my ads because sometimes just on my regular browser it won’t show up here.

But if I go to the homepage, you can see that these videos are the videos that are trending and then you have like recommended videos. Typically all these videos are going to be related to videos that I’ve been watching in the past.

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Best Places to Get Seen on YouTube

Homepage is a way to get a lot of views. Also, the suggested video section, which would be, for example, like on this video here on the side here, about 70% of my views come from the suggested video section. Although I can gain a lot of views from the search, most of your views are going to come from other different sources of YouTube like the homepage and also the suggested video section.

Now here’s another cool thing.

When somebody clicks on your video, there are actually three ways that people can go to your website, go to your funnels, go to your offers, whatever it is that you want to promote.

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Optimizing YouTube Search Advertising with CTA

Number one is, “Hey, guys. What’s happening,” right here. Through Google Ads, you can actually set up a little ad that pops up at the beginning of your video right here, right?

This will actually eventually go away. Then whenever the consumer hovers over the button the left side, they’re going to see that ad again.

There’s a few other calls to actions that you can have as well. Another one appears at the top right hand corner right here.

What this does is when somebody hovers over it, then it’s also another link to go to my website. That’s another way that you can get people to go to your website.

The last way is having an actual button on your screen within the last 45 seconds of your video. You’ve got to have at least a thousand subscribers and be a part of the YouTube Partners Program to be able to have this pop up here.

If you want to speed up your rate of success and speed up your rate to have the ability to do stuff like this, then paid marketing and YouTube Ads is a great way to do that and doing like either search ads like ads like this or also doing in stream ads.

Now with in stream ads though, if you’re just asking people to subscribe, yeah, you can get a lot of subscribers that way with in stream ads. But the thing is is, like I said before, because of the algorithm, not everybody that subscribed is going to see your future videos.

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My YouTube Search Advertising Verdict

I think this is a great way to build a relationship, and then eventually what you can do is for example, all the people that watch this video, right, that came from my ad here and watched this video, what I can do is I can retarget these people with another ad.

What’s cool about this is I pay like one to two cents per view to retarget versus going on somebody else’s random channel and then having like an in stream ad. You’re going to actually pay more for that than taking something like this, an in display ad, or even putting an ad on your own channel.

Those are a few ways that you can really lower your cost per view and you can build more of a relationship with people through retargeting.

You will pay a lot less and just create that bond a lot faster.

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