How to get more views on youtube

How To Get More VIEWS On YouTube In 2018 – 5 YOUTUBE HACKS

How to get more views on youtube

Today,  I’m going to show you how to get more views on YouTube here in 2018 by reverse engineering the YouTube algorithm. I’m going to give you five steps that you can follow to generate more views, more sales, more leads, inside of your business on complete autopilot.

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How To Get More Views On YouTube In 2018 – Suggested Videos Section

Let’s go ahead and let’s dive in. The first way to get more views on YouTube is from the YouTube suggested video section. This is the section that’s on the side of the YouTube watch page. In other words, you know when you click on a video and you watch the video, right? And then underneath it you’ve got the description and you have the comments and then to the right of the comments you have the suggested video section.

We’re going to show you how to get more views in the suggested video section. I’m also going to show you how you can get more views from the browse features and direct section, which is basically the YouTube homepage. It’s from your current subscribers because typically every time somebody subscribes to your email list, what’ll happen is when you upload a brand new video, they’re actually going to receive an email from YouTube on your behalf telling that individual that you just uploaded a brand new video.

What you can also do is use your own email auto responder as well to email the leads that you get from your YouTube efforts and other marketing efforts and you can let them know about your new video releases as well as give them a chance to subscribe to your channel. Again, we’re going to show this all live over the shoulder in action. Number three is of course YouTube search or YouTube’s of course search engine. When you go to, at the very top there’s that search bar. We’re going to talk about getting profit from there. And then number four is YouTube featured channel page, okay. This is basically when you go to any YouTube channel, you go to the actual channel page on the right hand side there’s other featured channels, okay.

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Featured Channel Page

If your channel is like another channel out there, chances are that channel will have your channel on the featured channel page on their channel page on the right hand side. And then number five is external traffic sources. It’s from people sharing our video on their website across the internet, on Facebook, Twitter, on their YouTube channel, sending a link back to your video. There’s also embeds, when people take the actual code or you take the actual code and put it on your website or your blog. And then of course you have good old fashioned Google, when somebody types in a search phrase in Google your video might rank at the top. That’s another way to get traffic.

What I love to do is I love to go out there and find YouTube videos that I want to model after and kind of dissect and figure out how they get traffic and how they’re getting all these views. You might look at a video and it might have 100,000 views and you might just think that that’s coming from YouTube search or the YouTube suggested video section when it’s really coming from a culmination of these five sources. Let’s go ahead and let’s dive into each of these sources. You can see that I am here in the traffic sources section. In the back office of my YouTube channel, you go to the Creator Studio up here, right, up in the top right hand corner when you’re logged into YouTube. You’ll click Creator Studio. You’ll come to the dashboard up here, but then you can just scroll down, click Analytics and then click Traffic Sources.

And you’ll come to this page right here. You’ll see that about 39% of my total traffic, 39% of my total views are coming from the suggested video section. What is the suggested video section? Well, what I can actually do, first of all is click suggested videos here and it will show the suggested videos or the videos that my videos are showing up next to, okay. For example, we’ve got this video right here that’s “How to make $300 per day with automated websites”. Okay, and you can see that is, I believe, right here. Sometimes I will show up to the side of my own videos of course, fairly easy to do, but what we want to do is we want to show up to the side of videos that have lots of views, like this video right here.

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You can see that this video has 124,000 views and what I want to do is I want to siphon off some of these views. I want to show up on the right hand side of this video. Guess what people do? Here’s the behavior. They’re going to go to a video. They’re going to watch this video here. And they’re going to go to the right hand side and they’re going to look at other videos that are like this video. And what I’ve done is I’ve optimized this video in a way, in the tag section, right when you first upload a video there’s a tag section at the very bottom and you can basically insert keywords that have to do with your topic of conversation, the video that you created.
For example, this video is about how to make $300 per day with automated websites and so you can see that the video tags over here resemble that video there. Obviously he talked about making $300 daily. That’s a video tag here. How to make money online 2018, that’s related to this video. More money online, make money online, how to make money online. You can see that all of these different video tags are related to this video. If I want to show up on the right hand side of the suggested video section, what I want to do is I want to have similar tag that this video has as well as a similar title. Because the whole purpose of this suggested video section is to give the ability to have viewers see other videos that are like the video that they’re watching.

If you scroll down here, you can see, if you scroll down for a minute, you can see that my video is right here. Sometimes, I’m guessing, that my video probably shows up at the top, sometimes it shows up down here. But you can see a decent percentage of my views have on my video have come from this specific video right here, exactly 2.9%. You can see once we click on my video down here, it goes to my video here and that’s how I’m getting views to this video. That’s just one way. 3% of those 29,000 views that you can see right here came from this video right here, right. This guy’s video right here.

How To Get More Views On YouTube In 2018 – Browse Feature

The next way to get traffic is the browse featured section, okay. That represents the traffic from the homepage, the home screen, the subscription feed, and other browsing features. These includes both signed in and signed out users. Most of my traffic is coming from people that maybe they log out of their YouTube account and maybe they log back in. And when they log back in they come to the homepage. And what’ll happen is based off of their past search history and viewer history, videos like the videos that they’ve watched in the past will show up on the home page. If they watched a video, for example, in the affiliate marketing space in the past, chances are since my channel is built the affiliate marketing niche right now, one of my videos will show up on the homepage and that’s how I’m getting 32% of the traffic.Obviously it also includes the subscription feed and other browsing features, kind of vague there but you get the idea.

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YouTube Search

The next way of course is YouTube search. Simply when somebody goes to the top of YouTube right here, they type in a search then my video ranks at the very top. We’ve talked about keyword research in the past and how to do keyword research, how to find search phrases that people are typing in into YouTube, that are in demand. I will leave a link down in the description if you want to learn a little bit more about keyword research and how to rank in YouTube search engine. But you can see here are some search phrases inside of YouTube that I’m ranked for. This is pretty cool because it’s telling me the exact search phrases that I’m ranking for. Therefore, if I know this data, then I probably want to create more videos around these specific topics.

I make a lot clickbank videos, 29% of my views are coming from the keyword clickbank. When somebody goes to YouTube they type in clickbank, I’m showing up for clickbank. You’ve got flippa, of course you’ve got my own name. You’ve got mobe. You’ve got different variations of the clickbank keyword. You’ve 4% kartra. More clickbank keywords. Automated websites. You can see that hey, my channel is pulling a lot of views from clickbank keyword, from flippa keyword, from mobe, and from like automated website. What I would want to do is create many more content around those specific topics because YouTube is telling me hey, my people, my subscribers, they absolutely love this and you’re ranking for this stuff so you should probably make more of this type of content.

How To Get More Views On YouTube In 2018 – Channel Page

Okay, that’s YouTube search. And then the next is the channel pages, okay. A lot of people often under look this. They don’t even know that this exists. But for example, if I go to the … if I click on this Channel Pages right here, it will show me the exact channel pages that I’m showing up on the side of the channel page. For example, Briko Banks, if we go to his page, you can see, look at these related channels. Look it’s got Joshua Elder, John Michael, Paolo, Tyler, Sean, IamPaulJames. When people are coming to Briko Banks’ homepage here, right, they’re landing on this page, but then they’re looking at the related channels and my channel is showing up. What they’re doing is they’re clicking on my channel to watch my videos and that’s another way that I’m getting views, okay.

And then we have … What do we have next? We’ve got tons of different channels that I’m showing up on. On the channel homepage. We’ve got Jay Brown, Four Percent TV, successfoz, Dream Home Based Work, Brandon Belcher, like a ton. And you can see that it doesn’t give me my total view count, but yeah, we got four views here from one channel, two, one, one, two. That adds up. And now up to this point we’ve covered YouTube suggested videos, browse features, and direct, the YouTube search, the YouTube featured channel page and then of course we have external, okay. If we go to … let me jump back over here real quickly. We’ll go back to Traffic Sources and if we go to External right here, you can see that 3.5% of my total views are coming from external sources.

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 External Results

And then it’ll show my Google search, out of all the views that I’m getting from external sources, Google search dominates. I’m getting exactly 34% of views from Google search. Now, when I click on this it won’t show me exactly what search phrases I believe that I’m ranking for. Maybe it will, let’s check and see. No, it just shows me the States. But still, it’s good data to have when I’m figuring out my marketing strategy. You can see that I’m, most of my views are coming from browse featured and suggested videos. I should be optimizing my videos for those two different traffic sources, so I can really exploit what’s working.

How To Get More Views On YouTube In 2018 – Live Example

With that said, what I want to do is I want to show an example of a video live and in action. We’re going to break down how this video is getting views. This is a video by Marie Forleo and it’s about how to reprogram your subconscious mind to get what you want with Dr. Cathy Collautt, I believe is how you pronounce it. It’s got 643,000 views. Can you guys guess how she’s getting views? After we just covered these five different hacks and these five different ways to get views to your YouTube videos? Well, what I’m going to do here is I’m first going to take, okay, we’re going to go through the process here. I’m going to start with external traffic sources. We’re not going to do this in any particular order.

I’m guessing she’s getting traffic from this specific search phrase right here. She’s optimizing her video for how to reprogram your subconscious mind, because I believe that that’s a search phrase that’s getting a lot of traffic. We’re going to go to Google. We’re going to type that in and you can see if we scroll down, boom, check it out. You can see that people are typing that search phrase in. They’re finding Marie Forleo’s search result here. They’re clicking on her article and then will scroll down and check it out, guys, her video pops up right here. When you click play, that results in a view over here. What she’s done is she’s embedded that on her website, which helps her rank in the search engines. She’s also getting traffic from the search engines to her video. It’s kind of like a cycle that feeds itself, which is super cool.

That’s just one way that she’s getting traffic. A small percentage of this 643,000 views has come from external traffic sources. Now, we want to find out what other sources is this traffic coming from. Maybe it’s coming from YouTube search engine too as well. Let’s go to and let’s type in how to reprogram your subconscious mind and instant search is telling us that this is a popular topic. Now, we can’t see that she’s, oh, she’s right here, okay. She’s quite a few results down, but she’s getting a little bit of views from YouTube search, okay. And she’s probably … We’ve got two traffic sources covered so far. The third would be the suggested video section, right. Maybe on one of these videos … I’m just going to click on one of them.

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Maybe she’s showing up on the right hand side, right here somewhere. Let’s see if we can see it. It looks like we’re not seeing it right there, but you can see there’s loads and loads of videos about reprogramming and about the subconscious mind. It could be so many different videos that she could be showing up on the side in the suggested video section. This really just gives you guys an idea of how you can reverse engineer videos and model videos and copy videos, to an extent, to get views, to extract views and get views to your videos. That was three ways. Let’s see if we can find the other two ways. Browse featured and direct. We could spend all day looking at other people’s channels and seeing if she’s showing up on the right hand side. I know you guys get the idea of that.

Like YouTube featured channel page, that’s what I meant when I said that. The browse featured and direct, like the YouTube homepage, we can’t really do a whole lot of research on that unless we start watching videos that are like Marie Forleo’s videos, then we might show up on the homepage.

How To Get More Views On YouTube In 2018 – Conclusion

I want to drill home how you guys can go out there and look at popular videos on YouTube and be like, “I know exactly how that person’s getting views to their videos and I can just simply model it and execute what’s already working based off of the success of other videos.” With that said, if you got value from this video and you enjoyed this video, please give me a like. Give me a thumbs up. Comment below what you thought of this video.

If this helped you have a breakthrough, if you can now go out there and maybe even stuck trying to get views on YouTube, maybe this helped you breakthrough. I would love to know, because it inspires me to keep creating content. And I’ve also got a program below in the description. I’m going to be updating the resources section with the YouTube program and also if you just want to build or grow your online business, check out my top recommended program below. That will show you how to do just that, step by step, in comprehensive complete detail. Again, with that said, subscribe to this channel. Like this video. Comment below. Check out the resources section in the description below for more videos and more information on how to build a business full of freedom, passion, and fulfillment. Talk to you soon. See you in the next video.

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