Four Percent (4% Group) Review | How I Generated $17,779.94 In Extra Earnings

My 4 percent group review


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“Hey guys, what’s going on? Joshua Elder here, and in today’s video, I’m gonna give you my full, comprehensive, Four Percent review, and along with that, I’m gonna show you how I made exactly $17,779.94, using this system without any extra work. So if this is your first time to the channel, consider subscribing, and make sure that you tune in to my other videos. I’m always uploading videos that will show you how to live a life and build a business full of freedom, passion, and fulfillment. So with that said, I’m gonna dive into my computer, I’m gonna show you the earnings, I’m gonna show you the back office of Four Percent, I’m gonna talk a little bit about Vick Strizheus, the owner, and really how you can benefit with this specific system, and all of the bonuses that I will be offering, for those of you that take action. So without further ado, let’s dive into my computer.


Four Percent Group Review – The Social Proof

Welcome to this section of the video. We’re gonna show you some proof. First off, in any internet marketing business, you understand that we need tools, right, to get started. We need an auto responder, we need something to build our funnels with, we need something to track our clicks from, to where the sells are coming from. And so by promoting these extra tools, inside the ecosystem of Four Percent, which Vick does for you, I was able to generate an extra $17,779.94. So you can see right here, in Get Response, I generated an extra $7,340.84.

Pretty cool, right? As you can see, Joshua Elder, right here, so yes, I am logged into my account. If we jump over here to Click Funnels, this is a funnel software that you can use to build your own custom funnels. Just by promoting this within the system, Vick does it for you, an extra $7505.54 paid out. And then Click Magic, if we move over to here, total commissions paid, that’s $2,933.56.

So if we go to my calculator here and we add these numbers up … 56 … We go to Click Funnels, and we add 7505.54, and then we add the Get Response earnings, that’s $7,340.84, and you can see, that comes out to be roughly $17,779.94. Without me doing any extra promoting whatsoever, just relying 100% on the system, and bringing people on the front end, and then allowing the system to do the rest of the work for me.


4 Percent Group – What Is It?

So let me go into detail. Let me talk a little bit about Four Percent, and Vick Strizheus. And then I’ll show you kind of the back office and give you more of an in depth review. So let me go ahead and go to my dashboard here. We’ll go ahead and we’ll log in. And you can see here, right when we log in, we’re here at the dashboard. Number one, one of the things that I like is Vick keeps you plugged in, and keeps you motivated. That’s one of the keys to success in any business, is consistency, right? Consistent motivation leads to consistent action.

So on a daily basis, he’ll upload one of his Coaching With Vick episodes, where he’ll give you some insights, and some knowledge on the areas of personal development and marketing. And then also, you have the opportunity to get access to some of his core products. You have E Stage, which is basically like a brand building platform. It’s like your own WordPress blog, without WordPress. So he has specific plugins within this E Stage that allow you to create your own website instantly and brand yourself and your own stage, so to speak, and have your own blog, so to speak, to where you can drive people to the content on that blog, and also use it to rank within the search engines.

And then you can purchase other core products, or other products within the core system, that are part of the ecosystem. So if you think about iTunes, I like Vick’s approach, here. Right? Cause iTunes, you come in the ecosystem, and not only can you buy music, but you can buy movies, you can buy books, you can go to the app store and you can buy games, so you get caught in this ecosystem where it gives iTunes the ability to earn off of other products, not just one product, but other products within the ecosystem, which is what I really love.


Vick Strizheus – Founder And CEO

So let me talk a little bit more about Vick, and my personal relationship with Vick. I met Vick roughly a year ago at a Tecademics event, which Tecademics is another learning platform, and he was actually promoting Tecademics at the time. And I got a chance to meet him and get his insights and gain some of his knowledge on the areas of marketing. And what I love about this guy is he’s always two steps ahead of everybody else. He’s always reverse engineering what other experts are doing, and then taking it a step further. He’s always thinking two steps ahead. And he’s an expert, when it comes to traffic generation, when it comes to traffic and conversions. The guy knows how to create high converting funnels. He knows how to sell, and he knows the traffic game. And because he knows that, he’s had a lot of success stories of people that were able to kind of watch over his shoulder, in the days of High Traffic Academy, which was a few years ago.

Basically what he would do is he would build these campaigns, and he would allow people to copy his exact campaigns. And he created a lot of success stories from that. So I like the fact that he goes in depth into showing you how to build a business, and doesn’t speak from complexity or theory, but shows you in the trenches stuff, like how to actually drive traffic, how to write an email effectively. Like he actually goes in and he shows you exactly what to do, step by step, where most of these other products, they become outdated, right? You buy the product, the next day it’s outdated, and a lot of it’s cookie cutter. They don’t really go into detail about the specifics of the psychology, when it comes to writing an effective headline, getting people to click. All the little things, right? They just focus on a bunch of theory.

And what I love about Vick is you have, in the business and marketing section, you have, for example, his Operation 100K. Which he’s showing you, over the shoulder, how he’s gonna build a $100,000 dollar business in, I believe it was like the next six months, or the next year, and exactly what he was gonna do, step by step, and he shows you kind of what he’s doing, but he also wants you to be able to think outside of the box. Most people aren’t thinking outside the box. They’re copying exactly what other people are doing in the industry, that are experts.

Now there’s a difference between copying and modeling. Copying only allows you to duplicate results to a certain extent. After that, it gets saturated and you have to innovate. And when it gets saturated, it weeds out a lot of the people that are more curious than serious. And that’s where a lot of people make a lot of money, and then they lose a lot of money, or their income goes to zero, because they’re not willing to learn new skillsets.

So the reason why he doesn’t show you exactly, like he’ll tell you what he’s doing, but he urges you not to copy it, because a lot of people will go out and do the same thing. It’ll get saturated really quickly, and then you’re left pretty much to figure out what to do next. And so he teaches you how to be creative from the get go, how to innovate in your business, how to be an independent online entrepreneur, instead of being completely dependent on a product or a system. When you’re dependent on a product or a system, you’re dependent on them paying you out on time, you’re dependent on their sales pages, and the fact that hopefully their sales pages won’t get saturated in a matter of weeks or months. And when that happens, your income goes down, because you don’t know how to create your own sales pages.

You don’t know how to create your VSLs. Virtual Sales Letters, right? And so you become completely dependent on another company, and your income hits a ceiling. And so he allows you to obviously promote the four percent, re-promote the program, right? And earn multiple streams of income, and promote products within the ecosystem here, but he also teaches you how to create your own systems. How to create your own sales processes, how to be completely independent, and that’s what I love about Vick. He gives you this higher level of thinking when it comes to marketing, and he helps you become and entrepreneur where you’re more creative, and two steps ahead of everybody else, and that’s what I love.


4 Percent Group Multiple Streams Of Income

So let me show you how I was able to create multiple streams of income from the Four Percent. So you can plug into different streams of income, right? So like, right here, you have Click Funnels, and you just enter your affiliate ID right here. You have Lead Pages, Click Magic, Get Response, Udimi, which is like a solo out provider, Namecheap, so on and so forth. So you have to be a pro member to get access to these multiple streams of income. So this is what’s super cool is when you go to start here, let’s say I’m a newbie, you watch this video first, you get connected to everything, which is like Facebook group, the fan page, Four Percent TV.
And by the way, this Facebook group’s amazing. There’s, I think, let me go ahead and re-look at this, there is 24,000 people in this group, and it’s incredibly active. You see people making money here. $45.72, making their first dollar online, because Vick focuses on simplicity, right? Simplicity. Taking the most complex ideas in internet marketing, and overwhelm, and simplifying it, okay?

So after you do that, you can upgrade to pro. I believe right now it’s either $47 a month, or a one time fee of $497. And I went for the $497. I just paid full, up front, because I knew this is a system that’s gonna be around for a while. Vick knows how to sell. He creates so many success stories, because of his knowledge, and his stuff flat out converts.

It’s incredible. It’s up-to-date. It blows many systems that cost two, three, four, five times as much out of the water completely. And then there’s this step three, that’s how and where to start, for beginners. Definitely you want to watch this. What’s next, this is where you can actually get plugged in to one of the recent product launches, which was an E Commerce product. So basically he built out this whole E Commerce funnel, he brought on somebody that’s an expert in the E Commerce space, partnered with them, created a funnel around his product, with the partner that he created this E Commerce product with. They created a funnel, a webinar funnel. And then they have like a pre-launch funnel, which is like four videos, and then obviously, if somebody buys the product, I think the actual product’s like $4,000 dollars or so. It’s called E Commerce, entrepreneur. What I loved about this is, again, his stuff converts.


4 Percent Group Reviews – The ECO System

So in his ecosystem, he’s creating products in the areas of E Commerce, traffic generation, personal development, health, so on and so forth. So if we go to these, let’s see, I think it might be under tech and systems. Let me see here. No it’s not there, it’s actually under funnels. So under funnels, these are the funnels that you can promote. You can promote Four Percent System itself, right? Which is this funnel, this funnel, this funnel, and yeah, these three funnels here. And then the E Com Entrepreneur funnel, this is the new product that just got launched.

So you got this funnel right here, you have this webinar funnel right here, so this is the four video series funnel right here. This is the webinar funnel right here, and this is the Engineering as Seven Figure launch, which Vick actually shows behind-the-scenes, a bit on how he’s launching this E Com entrepreneur funnel. And then this obviously allows you to earn commissions off of getting people into the Four Percent funnel, okay?

So this is really cool, how everything’s set up for you. And again, you don’t have to worry about creating your own funnels. He does teach you how to create your own opt in pages, right? Create your own front end, because that’s the most important part, is the front end of the funnel. And he shows you how to set all this stuff up, you guys. I’m just giving you some extra knowledge on kind of what he’s helped me do, like what most people are doing is they’re promoting directly to a product instead of having their own branding in front of the product, and then bridging people from their branding to the actual product, and that’s what I love about what Vick teaches you how to do.

Most people are promoting the same things the same way. He shows you how to do the complete opposite, and completely separate yourself from the masses, and stand head and shoulders above everybody else. And that’s what I absolutely love about what he’s got going on, here. So let me go back to the start here section, ’cause I know I’m jumping around a little bit. I get super excited. So basically beginners, on step four, they’ll click here, and then they’ll sign up for these different tools, and then Vick will show you how to promote this E Com entrepreneur funnel. So again, make sure you’re a pro member, because if you’re a pro member, you can actually make commissions off of the multiple streams of income. If you’re not a pro member, you’re not going to be able to do that.


4 Percent Group – The Products

So if I go to, right here, and I show you these different levels here, so if I go to products, you have the different products right here, of course. If I go to join, which it might just automatically log me in, nope, here we go, perfect. So here’s what you’re gonna get with the pro membership. So it’s $49 a month, or $497 one-time fee, at the time of the creation of this video. It may change, okay? He may charge higher. So this is everything that you’re going to get.

And what I love … here’s what’s super cool. Earn commissions from membership referrals, and you also earn commissions from all of the different income streams inside of Four Percent, as well. Okay? You get all these extra … you get the internet marketing strategies masterclass, you get the Project 100, that I just showed you, traffic generations masterclass, free consultation with USA top CPA, see here’s Operation 100. Eliminate monthly payments, two months free, red carpet support, what’s working now, so there’s tons and tons of benefits to having access to the pro membership, okay?

So let me jump back here. So this is where you sign up for all the income streams, and this is where I’ve been able to earn over $17,000, is Vick automatically sells each of these products for me, and he shows people, not that they just need to purchase these products, but they must have these products, to succeed in the internet marketing industry. So he goes in-depth, and he shows you how Click Magic works, and why you need it. How Click Funnels works, why you need it. How Get Response works, and why you need it. So on and so forth. So you bring people in the system, and Vick will do the rest of the selling and telling for you. And you could potentially get results like this, $2,933.56, from Click Magic. Right? $7,505.54 from Click Funnels. $7,340.84. This is just extra income on top of the sales that I brought in from the system. So people pay $47 a month, or a one-time fee of $497. I think I get like a 40% commission off of that, between 30 and 40% commission off of that.

4 Percent Group Conclusion & Bonuses

And then also, I get a commission from these different income streams, right? Because these are tools that people are gonna need anyways. So if they’re gonna sign up, they might as well sign up from you, right? So completely awesome. So let me show you exactly what you’re going to get, as a bonus, for taking action today, and yes there is a limited amount of time for you to take action, and get access to these bonuses. Chances are, if you’re on a separate page, there’s a countdown timer. So once that timer hits zero, these bonuses are off the table. So understand that.


You’re gonna want to take action to get access to these bonuses. So basically, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give you access to the exact traffic strategy that I used to create a $1,000 income in my first week of promoting, okay? Of promoting this.

So I’m gonna show you the Facebook promotion that I used. I’m gonna show you the simple funnel that I used, and you’re gonna be able to get access to the same exact funnel. You’re gonna be able to copy the same exact funnel that I used to create this initial success, right out of the gate, with the Four Percent group. Okay? And then you’ll get access to the exact email swipes that I used as well, and in addition, I’m gonna give you access to a one hour presentation that I recently did to a group of entrepreneurs that paid over $1,000 to get access to this seminar, and I was one of the speakers. I’m gonna give you access to this 100% free for taking action and getting involved in the Four Percent group, and my team personally.

So there should be more information below on exactly the bonuses that you’re getting access to. If you’re on YouTube right now, there’s gonna be a link in the description that will take you to a page with this same video, and show you how to get access to those bonuses. So all the information will be there. I’ll also do my best to leave it in the description for you too as well. So can’t wait to have you on board, excited for people to come on board with me. Four Percent truly is a system that will change your business, will change your life, and I’m excited to be on board.

In the next couple days, I will shoot another update video, because they’re releasing a brand new back office here. So this is gonna completely change in the next 24 to 48 hours, so I will be doing a review on this new membership area, too, as well. So with that said, if you got some value from this video, give me a thumbs up, like this video, comment below. If you have any questions, any feedback, and don’t forget, most importantly, to subscribe and can’t wait to see you in the next video. Take care.”

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2 responses to “Four Percent (4% Group) Review | How I Generated $17,779.94 In Extra Earnings”

  1. Hana avatar

    Hi Josh,

    I have following this 4 percent program for quite sometime, but I didn’t commit myself to be one of the member.
    There’s a lot of negative feedback from people who have been a members to this 4% group. I’m quite skeptical
    to join. But after watching your video, and the offer that you willing to teach the same method how you can get
    $1,000 a week, maybe I might join your team.

    But, one thing I need to know how’s the payment like (commissions), are they paying you daily, weekly or monthly?

    Please reply ASAP?



    1. Josh Elder avatar

      I always tell my students when they are doing their research to take into account who it is that they are getting this negative information from. Check the individuals background, make sure they are reputable and are actually doing something in the industry vs trolling. They pay weekly from a reputable 3rd party marketplace known as clickbank. They’ve been around for abou 20 years and have payed out on time every single week:-)

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