Falcon Coin – Flat Out ICO Scam? [Full Review]

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Falcon Coin – Flat Out ICO Scam? [Full Review]

Hey guys, what’s going on, Joshua Elder here. Welcome back to the channel and if you haven’t already, please consider subscribing. In this video today we’re gonna talk about Falcon coin and we’re going to dive deep into here, so you can kind of understand what Falcon coin is and whether you can actually make some money from this. Obviously, this looks like a replication of BitConnect to me.

It’s basically a exchange with a volatility software attached to it. What I’m guessing is you’re going to be able to, obviously, deposit bitcoin and then convert that bitcoin into Falcon coin and then use the Falcon coin to trade on the volatility software. So, they’re calling it the same thing that BitConnect called it, which is volatility software. Truly, my heart says this does not exist. What’s happening is that the people that get in at the top are first depositing their money and then everyone that joins beneath them, that money goes back to the people at the top.

Falcon Coin – Just Another Bitconnect?

The money has to come from somewhere and it’s not coming from trading the market, unless I am completely wrong and they’re gonna come out and show us what the software is, how it works, they’re gonna hype it up, they’re gonna show us the intricate details of it. But until then I think this is just another BitConnect. I went in and I looked at the white paper, and I wanted to really know what specific problem that this Falcon coin solves. All I know, according to the white paper, is the Falcon coin will be a token on the Ethereum Blockchain, following the ERC20 standard. It will allow smooth integration with the Ethereum ecosystem.

So, the lending platform is a Hyperledger Fabric. If you guys know what this terminology means, please let me know in the comments. I wanna see all you ICO experts. My job is just to give you guys an overview and my own insight based off of my experience in the online industry, not just in ICO’s, but I’ve been reviewing products and services for … It’s been about five years now and the reason I decided to do that is because I struggled for so long, jumping from opportunity to opportunity, and product to product until I found one that completely changed my life. And so I feel it’s my duty to help people eliminate the overwhelm, eliminate the shiny object syndrome, eliminate all the problems that people have with looking for that next “get rich quick” scheme and help people focus on one specific system and focus on it longterm. And I believe, if I can help people focus on that one thing, it could completely change their life.

Falcon Coin Review – False Claims

It’s not that everything doesn’t work, I believe it’s because our focus is so spread out, and we get distracted by the next big thing. Now, in this case, I believe Falcon coin, in my mind, it’s not legitimate until I can see this volatility software and until they can prove that it’s not just another BitConnect, ’cause they’re using all the same buzzwords. Until they can prove that otherwise, this is something I would definitely stay away from. Thyre also claiming that you’re gonna get an average of a 46% return every single month. Now, since this just released, that could be true for the next few months until it gets shut down. So if you’re gonna do this, you gotta completely minimize your risk. You gotta learn from BitConnect and that whole lesson there and you gotta be somebody that’s … If you’re gonna do this, get in early and get out as quickly as you can.

You have a lot of these marketers too that know exactly what they’re doing, they know that they can get in and invest very little, but make a bunch a money off of referral. So unless you’re an expert marketer, I would not recommend getting into Falcon coin. With that said, if you want a proven longterm strategy to building wealth online without relying on an exchange and relying on the price of Bitcoin going up and going down, and relying on a volatility software, then I’ve got a link in the description below that will show you the same exact system that changed my life, that will be evergreen, that will stand the test of time despite what happens. I’m gonna teach you a skillset that will change your life, that will teach you how to be able to make money on demand.

Go ahead, click the link below, checkout the same system that I’ve been able to plug into, that’s helping me make a multiple six figure consistent yearly income. This is Josh Elder signing off. If you’ve got some value from this video, give me a thumbs up. Don’t forget to comment below and don’t forget, most importantly, subscribe this channel. I’m uploading videos on a weekly basis, helping you stay away from what doesn’t work and get plugged into the opportunities that do work. With that said, Josh Elder signing off, and we’ll see you in the next video.

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