Davor Coin Review – Is This Another Bitconnect Scam?

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DavorCoin Review – Is This Another Bitconnect Scam?

Hey guys, what’s going on, Joshua Elder here. Welcome to another high yield investment program review. We’re going to be going over a Davor Coin Review, we’ll talk about what it is and, truthfully, whether this is something that you should, for lack of a better word, invest. We shouldn’t say investment, I’m not a financial adviser whatsoever, but I’m not involved with DavorCoin, I’m not involved with their affiliate program, you’re not going to see an affiliate link below here anywhere. I’m just going to give you my authentic point of view based off of years of experience in the online marketing world.

What Do I Know?

Now, I know some things about ICOs. I don’t know everything but I know about the principles that come into play when it comes to investing, especially investing in these programs. Now, DavorCoin is on coinmarketcap.com. As you can see here, we’re on Coin Market Cap. We’re on DavorCoin’s page, you can see the ticker here and then you can also see that it’s trading right now at $6.51, which is, it’s taken a deep dive from $315 all the way down to, it’s right around obviously $6.41 right now as we speak.

It’s taken a deep dive. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this is a scam in any way. Of course, we’ve been seeing a lot of these different coins go down in price over the course of the past few weeks, it’s been tough in the marketplace but that’s just what happens. Let’s go and let’s talk about DavorCoin and talk about these programs in general. What a lot of these crypto experts are doing is they’re joining one high yield investment program, which means there’s high risk in programs like these and there’s also high reward.

DavorCoin claims that you can, I believe, make a return up to 46% return per month on your investment. By the way, they say up to, of course nothing is guaranteed but this is what I believe about these lending platforms. Now DavorCoin has its own block chain, it’s on Coin Market Cap but so is BitConnect. The problem with DavorCoin and all these other lending platforms and these crypto currencies is the fact that a lot of these experts, what they do is they invest into these different lending platforms and then they’ll take their profits and then they’ll invest their profits in another lending platform.

What Is Really Happening? 

When they do this they tend to do it on lending platforms that are green, that are brand new. Typically, the owners of DavorCoin, they want to milk their business as much as possible before they get shut down and before they run off. If you’re able to get in one of these programs early on it’s going to be, it’s still high risk but it’s going to be lower risk than somebody that’s getting in six months and even 12 months from now, even a year from now.

We know that BitConnect lasted for about 18 months so I know in the back of a lot of these expert’s minds they’re promoting their affiliate program. They’re promoting the DavorCoin Affiliate Program, they’re promoting the BitConnect Affiliate Program, and they know also in the back of their mind and they’re actually saying this. They know that if they get in early on and they get their return as quickly as possible, which means they put a lot of money up front, which means they’re going to get a bonus return on top of whatever the daily return is from these, then they can get out as quickly as possible and make their money and then go and distribute their new BitCoin that they made into another lending platform.

That’s what they’re kind of doing is, it’s just kind of a quick grab and run. They’re doing that with DavorCoin, they’re doing that with BitConnect, they’re doing that with, I’d even go as far as to say USI-Tech and there’s no proof that there’s actually a volatility software that they’re actually using. A lot of these companies are saying that they’ve got this bot that trades the markets, that trades the crypto currency markets but you see no proof that it actually, that it’s real and that it does what it says it does.

Not Much Difference

If we scroll down here … Again, I don’t see what specific problem DavorCoin solves that other crypto currencies don’t solve. All they say is DavorCoin is a new crypto currency which aims to become the best alternative to current popular coins such as BitCoin and Etherium. It is decentralized just like all the other ones, it’s transparent, for the most part, like the other ones, and it’s secure. Still, I don’t see much of a difference. They pre-mined looks like 10 million DavorCoins and the max supply is 40 million.

Obviously, this kind of breaks down the algorithm, basically how this is going to work on the block chain, the technical specifications and then of course you have a few options here. Just like all the other platforms, you can invest obviously in BitCoin. You have to give them BitCoin which of course they can just run off with the … I think that’s what most of these are trying to do is they’re trying to get, just a way for them to get BitCoin and then run off with the BitCoin because the price for BitCoin is, right now it’s between $8,000, it’s been as much as $20,000. It’s the most popular and the most profitable coin out there long term, it has a history.

What They’re Doing

What I think a lot of these lending platforms are doing is they’re wanting to take your BitCoin and exchange for their worthless coin and there’s a few things you could do. You could use their lending platform, you can obviously use their volatility software to trade DavorCoin on the markets and that’s what most people are doing. You can also do coin staking which means you can just hold your DavorCoin and wait for it to go up in value. You can manually trade it yourself or you can leverage the affiliate program, so this is different ways that you can money.

What a lot of people are doing is if they’re successful affiliate marketers you got to be a product of the product. If you notice, on my channel I don’t endorse products that I don’t personally own. I haven’t tried and tested eTrue. A lot of times what affiliate marketers tend to do is they understand that but what they’ll do is they will invest in a program that they don’t believe in but when they show proof that they’re investing in it, they have that social proof, more people are likely to invest in it too. Thus, they’re more likely to make more affiliate commissions.

The Affiliate Program

It’s not that they believe in the project, I think, it’s that they know they can make a lot of money off the affiliate program through social proof and by showing that they’re investing in the program. You get paid on five levels too as well. On the first level you get 8% all the way down to 1%. If you recruit down to five levels and you’re getting duplication in your team and you like building teams there’s a way to make money that way. A lot of these crypto currency experts on YouTube, they’re not giving you the real reason as to why they’re getting in these programs.

They know that they can lower their risk through the affiliate program, they know when they have a lot of money that they’re making from the actual affiliate program they can go in and they can invest their money into these other programs where it’s not their hard earned money and they’re just building off of their success, mostly through the affiliate program because you get paid out instantly, I think, and not from what they’re making off of their actual investment into these programs.

There’s a lot of money that they’re making from not only being able to have a large sum of money to invest but also from their affiliate program that they’re promoting and so it overall just lowers the risk across all the boards. You’re probably wondering, how does a little guy like yourself, if you are somebody that doesn’t have all the money in the world, how do you actually succeed with programs like this?


Well, you got to get in early on, you got to make sure you have some skin in the game so you’re getting a significant return to make that investment worth it. If not, you should be investing into something that can give you a better ROI, that can actually teach you a skill set so you’re not putting all your risk and all your faith into something or someone else. I like my success to be determined based off of me, my skillset, and my knowledge.

Of course, there’s a time and a place for investments like this but if you’re looking to build a long term sustainable income and you’re sick of the shortcuts, you’re sick of the grab and runs, you’re sick of jumping from one ICO to another ICO, I would love to help you build a long term sustainable affiliate marketing business the right way. I’ve been able to generate a multiple six figure income yearly by learning an actual skillset, developing the right mindset, developing the right knowledge, developing consistency, developing confidence in knowing that what I’m doing today is going to give me results tomorrow and for days and years to come.

If you’re sick of investing in these unpredictable type of ICOs, I got a link in the description below, you can go ahead and check it out. If not, that’s okay too but my goal is to educate you on crypto currencies like DavorCoin and these ICOs. If you understand affiliate marketing and you understand a business model you can see right through a lot of these so called YouTube experts. I hope what I’ve brought to this video makes sense to you and I’d love to personally help you continue in your journey building a real long term business and not dealing with a constant roller coaster of emotions in these lending platforms.

DavorCoin Review: Conclusion

Regardless of if you’re diversifying or not in a lot of these different platforms, they’re all going to go under at some point. They don’t have proof of their volatility software, it’s as if the same people are just changing the brand, they’re buying a new domain and they’re creating basically what looks like … Of course, this website’s different than some of the other websites but it’s a part of the whole marketing plan. If they can get as much money as they can and then get out, and then get in the next thing, and then get in the next thing, and keep on doing that they’re going to milk it for all that it’s worth.

With that said, hope you got value from this video, if you did give me a thumbs up. Comment below if you have any comments about this DavorCoin Review, about anything that I said, good or bad, we’d love to hear that. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and we will talk to you soon. Take care.



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