How to Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (The REAL Secret)

In post I’m going show you how to make money with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing.  I’m gonna give you guys one secret  that’ll absolutely change everything for you. If you’re struggling to, not only get traffic, but convert that traffic into sells or if you’re complete beginner, wherever you’re at … I don’t care if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you’re doing ClickBank Marketing, you’re selling your own products or services … This value I’m going to release in this video, will completely change the game for you.

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So what is the number one secret to making money on the internet?  Getting people, getting raving fans, getting people pulling out their credit card, dying to want to buy from you? Basically throwing their credit card at you. What is the single most important thing that you need to do?

How To Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing 

It’s simple look at what everybody else is doing and do the complete opposite. In other words, be three steps ahead of everybody else. What do I mean by this? In the affiliate market space for example – I’ll go to YouTube and look at everybody else’s videos on YouTube, see what they’re talking about,  take what they’re saying and flip it on it’s head.

For example, You know those long story posts that you see on Facebook? And it’s like the same old song and dance, you know? “If you were to tell me three years ago that I’d be traveling the world I would have told you you were crazy.” That’s typically what they start off with when they open their video or Facebook ad.

 People are getting sick and tired of seeing that stuff. Yes to an  extent what we want to do is model what’s already working out there in the market place But if you wanna stand head and shoulders above everybody else, what can you do to be one to three steps ahead of everybody else? You take what they’re doing and you “flip it on it’s head.”

“Flip it On It’s Head”

What do I mean by this?

Imstead of having another typical Facebook ad, like everybody else, maybe you say something like, “Are you sick and tired of these so-called gurus claiming that they’ve quit their nine to five job and they’re traveling the world? We know that that’s a bunch of hogwash, let me give you the truth to building a real internet marketing business. One where you’re able to work, realistically, no more than two hours a day. Let me give you some facts. Let me give you some in depth step-by-step information….”

And then give them value. this is also called reverse marketing

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Other Examples Of Reverse Marketing

There’s commonalities between marketers in each and every niche. What I urge you to do is go out there, go on YouTube, look at people that are popular in your niche. Look at their channels, look at what they’re talking about on certain topics and how can you take that and not necessarily create negative content and talk bad about that person, but how can you flip it on it’s head, how can you give people a new refreshing perspective to building a business on the internet?

 For example affiliate marketing niche, real estate, life coaching, or fitness. I’ve seen a lot of people do this. One person (in the fitness niche) that’s amazing at this that I can just think of off the top of my head is Greg O’Gallagher, of Kinobody. He took what most personal trainers were teaching: “Eat five to six small meals a day. Count your calories. Get in the gym every single day. Work out for an hour to two hours a day. Basically kill yourself in the gym. Dedicate yourself. Don’t go out and have fun with your friends. Don’t go out and eat delicious foods that you love.”

Greg took that narrative and flipped it on it’s head and said, “You guys don’t have to do any of  that. You can use the power of intermittent fasting to push your first meal further out into the day and make dieting easy and effortless and still enjoy the food that you love while losing weight and building muscle at the same time. You can accomplish this by working out no more than three times a week.”

“Throw Rocks at Your Enemies and Pave a Path to a New Opportunity”

What we want to do, so to speak, is we want to throw rocks at our enemies and then we want to pave a new opportunity. Let’s take another example in the internet marketing niche. I would basically say: “Hey, it’s not your fault that you failed at internet marketing. It’s not your fault because the 96% of people that are failing are teaching the 96% of people that are failing. Unfortunately, you just got the wrong training by the wrong gurus out there….

…And not to mention even these people that are making 10, 20, 30 grand a month, they don’t even know how to teach. Making a lot of money is one thing but teaching is another thing. And they’re just not willing to put in the time and effort to teach a newbie, well, because it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort.”

So these are just examples that I’m giving you live and in action, that are coming into my mind right now. How can you go out there on these different platforms, reverse engineer what other people are doing, and either model it or flip it on it’s head and be two steps ahead of everybody else?

That is the key my friend to succeeding with marketing. You want to pave a new refreshing path. That’s why you see all these new diets come out, first it  the South Beach Diet, then the Paleo Diet, Lemonade Diet, and then you get into intermittent fasting, and the Ketogenic Diet, and these new diets that are supposed to be groundbreaking, new, technological advancements of dieting. But it’s really nothing to do with that.

These are things that were always available to us, but what we’re doing is we’re reinventing them by changing the name.

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How To Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing – Rebranding

For example the South Beach diet was simply called the low carb diet before, it’s one of those buzz words. All you have to do is reinvent it with a brand new name and people all the sudden think it’s like some new thing. Furthermore,  It’s easier to blame someone else for your shortcomings vs yourself right? So whatever we can do to get someone to try something over again is to change the name and blame others. In other words”Hey, the reason you’ve failed it not your fault…..

Here’s a new opportunity.” So how can you do that in your marketing? How can you do that in the headline copy of your capture pages, emails, and facebook posts?

With that being said, I’m currently earning up to 3 thousand bucks a week. Almost $4 thousand a week, due to the concepts that I taught in this post. If you would like to learn how to build a business on Clickbank from complete scratch the right way, click the link here.

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