$920 with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing and YouTube Paid Advertising

You guys haven’t seen writing posts in quite a while because I’ve been focusing on mastering YouTube ads further. I’ve been dabbling a little bit here and there for the past about two to three years, but decided to get super serious about YouTube ads, and the reason why is because if you watched one of my previous videos, I got sort of burn out from uploading constantly and keeping up with the YouTube algorithm, not that you need to upload constantly to succeed with YouTube.

I just felt that I sort of had to do that, and so that led to just me losing momentum and me not liking what I was doing. And so it’s not that affiliate marketing is bad, it’s that often we approach this business from the wrong perspective and with the wrong intentions. We really need to get clear on what we want and a game plan to help us accomplish that.

Before we begin…

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My Goal with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

So my goal is to create a one to two-hour workday and live my perfect day every day and make at least five figures a month. I actually have a goal. I would absolutely love to make a million dollars in a year by working two hours a day, and I believe it’s truly possible when you have the right level of personal development, when you have the right strategy in place, when you have the right mentors.

And so I’ll eventually get there, and I think this is one of the turning points and this is kind of one of the strategies that I’m going to need to get there.

I’ve been in the lab just mastering YouTube ads. There’s a lot of moving parts, there’s a lot to it, but once you understand it, which is obviously my goal just to understand it on a completely deeper level, then I can teach you guys how to better deploy YouTube marketing, specifically paid ads inside of your business without dealing with a lot of the headaches and errors that I’ve dealt with in the past.

I’ve spent over $36,000 of my own money over the course of the past two years mastering YouTube ads, and I’ve been doing it for a while, and I knew enough to get by, but I really want to dig deep into optimization and all the intricate details that go along with YouTube ads.

We won’t get into that today, but I do want to show you what I’ve been up to.

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The YouTube Marketing Campaign

Last Tuesday, today is Tuesday, October 9th, but last Tuesday I started running a brand new affiliate marketing campaign. I plan to have multiple campaigns running in different niches.

In this specific niche, you guys can see that I just started this campaign last Tuesday, and I kind of got lucky I think. Got a sale right out of the gate, and then went about a week without a sale, and that’s normal, especially when you’re tweaking the campaign, optimizing the campaign.

So I did a little bit of optimization, nothing too much, and I’ve still made at the end of the week $266.77. You can even go to my Facebook. If you go to Facebook.com/JoshCElder, feel free to follow me.

So everything is looking good. Very little optimization. What we’re going to start doing is optimizing this campaign, and what’s so cool about this specific campaign is my face is not involved, at least on the front end of this campaign, whatsoever.

So like my goal with this is not only create success with it, but to help other people duplicate it as well that may be newer online or people that may be looking for their breakthrough.

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YouTube Paid Advertising Strategy for Clickbank

I’m not even using my own ads. I’m actually using somebody else’s ads.

It will continue to progress. It’s going to take a lot of testing, a lot of tweaking to as well. I know that. This is just the beginning, so I will continue to update you guys on my progress.

So if I’m not uploading quite frequently, it’s because I’m in the lab right now. I’m sharpening the saw. I’m in the trenches mastering a new trade. I’ve built a seven-figure business using free traffic strategies.

I’ve been doing free traffic strategies for the past three and a half, almost four years online, and it’s time to scale with paid traffic and really master paid traffic. So definitely will get deeper into the webinar game, get deeper into affiliate marketing, CPA marketing.

I’m actually launching testing a CPA health product and even a Clickbank product. We’ll be split testing those with YouTube ads, so stay tuned for that, show you guys results on that.

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