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Complete Review and Guide to AWOL Academy

Over the years, I’ve seen plenty of ‘academy’ and ‘training’ type systems on the internet and this has been a direct result of the interest there’s been to start a business online. Just recently, I happened to come across yet another in the shape of AWOL Academy. Normally, I take a brief look at the website and am put off by the promises to ‘make $1 million in two weeks’. However, I was pleasantly surprised and it seemed a little different to the usual offerings.

Over the coming days, I investigated a little more and even attended a live webinar which was actually quite good. Eventually, I made the investment into some of the training products and now have everything I need to write a full review for you. Today, I’m going to discuss the many different products, whether the program would be useful to you, and whether you should consider AWOL Academy in the future!

Awol Academy Review – What Is It?

First and foremost, what is AWOL Academy? Created by Kameron George and Keala Kanae, the program launched in 2015 but it has been gaining in users and popularity across the last twelve months. For those of you who recognize the ‘AWOL’ part of the name, it stands for ‘Another Way Of Life’ and was previously known as ‘Project AWOL’.

Many years ago, Kameron created Project AWOL and built a team within Empower Network which was a high-ticket multi-level marketing program. Within this project, anybody who joined EN under their team would receive training and referrals. Although I’m not entirely sure, it looks as though Keala joined the project and the partnership then began.

In 2013, Project AWOL had a falling out with EN and the whole thing came to an end. However, less than two years later, in 2015, Kameron and Keala decided to create a solo platform named ‘AWOL Academy’. In a similar way to EN, it’s a high-ticket system but they’ve focused heavily on the mentoring and training side of the platform and this has led to some very important differences (thus making comparisons with EN a little unfair).

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AWOL Academy Products

For just $99, you can get started with the training for affiliate marketing and this is the first of several packages which ends with the ‘Elite’ level worth $10,000. Although this sounds a little staggering at first, you’ll actually receive nearly $16,000 worth of products which makes the $10,000 worthwhile. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

At first, I decided to attend a free webinar and this seems to be the way in for many. Hosted by Keala, I found some value in the webinar and it seemed to target beginners as a welcome to the industry. As opposed to being a pushy character, Keala was fairly open and honest which was a breath of fresh air. Rather than promising the world for a couple of hours a day, something we’re still seeing companies do today, he informed us of the hard work and determination required to succeed. In fact, he even went as far as stating that the program wasn’t for those who were struggling financially and my respect levels for him instantly hit the sky.

With this in mind, let’s introduce you to the available packages.

AWOL Pro Academy ($99)

Once you make the $99 investment into the Pro Academy package, you’re pushed towards completing four steps before doing anything else. As well as watching an introduction video, you need to complete the ‘AWOL Coaching’ steps, add contact information and other details to your profile, and book a coaching call. In order to complete these steps, I highly recommend setting aside a few hours so you can really get into the AWOL Coaching in particular. In terms of the coaching call, I received it as scheduled and it seems you can discuss any worries you have in addition to how to keep progressing each day.

In this introduction phase, you’ll answer some simple questions about yourself as well as informing them of what you wish to achieve. From here, you’ll be shown a training video presented by Keala and Kameron and this can be useful to learn how they got started in the industry, what the market is like, and why the hard work is well worth it.

As soon as you pass these introductory steps, you’ll then gain access to 25 videos which form a four-module training system.

Module 1 – With a total of six videos, the first offers information on what you’re going to learn throughout the rest of the module; for the most part, this includes the world of affiliate marketing with paid traffic. In case you’re unaware, affiliate marketing is where you’re paid commission for advertising the products of others. While this isn’t a new idea, it has been working for many years now.

In the first module, I learned all about the business model, how to get set up, purchasing a domain name, using WordPress, setting up an email address, and more. Even as someone with experience, it can be good to go through these basic steps. For beginners, the module is perfect because Keala’s teaching style combines beautifully with all the information you could ever want and need.

Module 2 – In this second module, there are 12 videos and I learned about email auto-respond systems, landing pages, and looking after the sales funnel. Also known as the capture and squeeze page, the landing page is where visitors arrive before reaching sales pages. In a perfect world, you collect the email addresses from all who visit the landing page and reach out to them with relevant promotions.

Once again, the information is explained in detail and in a way that beginners can understand. With the autoresponder, this works with the landing page and allows an email list to be built; since we can now contact people after they’ve left the website, there are more opportunities to make sales. For me, I found value in the sections discussing tracking and split testing since they explained using them in an attempt to garner positive results. To progress, I was suggested three tools/services; GetResponse (starts at $15 per month), ClickMagick (starts at $12 per month), and LeadPages (starts at $48 per month).

Although everybody has different ways of working, these are all high-quality tools and aid the money-making process. In the videos, Keala explains how ClickMagick works and how they can benefit your campaigns. Since tracking results and split testing are both essential, the program looks to be very handy.

All in all, the videos are easy to follow from beginning to end and Keala doesn’t seem to rush anything.

Module 3 – In the penultimate module, we have another three videos and it begins with advice on finding the right affiliate products. In addition to learning how different offers can be sent to an email list over time, I learned the various products I could promote, how to sign up to these programs, and where they can be found in the first place.

After this, the training then shifts to traffic generation with solo ads which is the idea of sending promotional emails to the email lists of others after agreeing on a ‘per click’ price. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great amount of experience with solo ads but I’ve heard success stories if the right supplier (and the right funnel) is found. While this may not be surprising, Keala explains everything regarding solo ads, how to use them, and what we should expect.

Module 4 – Finally, we have four videos but a total video time of over 200 minutes as Keala explores tracking, email marketing, setting an advertising budget, and maximizing revenue. In this last module, there is some fantastic information and not even just for the beginners either. More than anything else, the insights and analytics provided are brilliant.

With the section discussing marketing budgets, you’re walked through each month of the first year and what you can expect. Ultimately, earnings will completely depend on conversion rates, traffic quality, ad spend, and other factors.

Throughout module four, Keala manages expectations and offers a path that everybody can follow rather than promising sports cars within four weeks and this is something I appreciate hugely.

Summary – To bring this section on the Pro Academy to an end, I should say that it’s a fantastic introduction to affiliate marketing, solo ads, sales funnels, testing, tracking, and much more. For beginners and experts alike, the videos provide genuinely useful insights into email marketing, sales funnel strategies, tracking, split testing, the process of boosting revenue, and building a successful venture.

For $99, I believe the information provided is enough to start a campaign as long as you choose a big market such as the health and fitness niche; it should be easy to find solo ad traffic in a niche such as this. On the flip side, there is still so much to learn about all of these topics underneath the surface. In my opinion, you need to spend more time researching and learning if you want to make real money but this is where the additional products can prove handy.

Despite not venturing any further into the learning packages just yet, I believe the first few are certainly helpful based on our experience with the first. Before you make a decision, however, I’m going to write a little about each of the packages and you can also watch a video in the member’s area that discusses what each package offers.

Inbox Academy ($297)

If you need to know all about email marketing, this second course is the one for you. At this point, you should have set up a funnel with traffic moving to the relevant pages. Now, the idea is to send emails that make sales. Once again, there are four modules entitled; The Basics, Email Deliverability, Open Rates, and Click-Thru Rates.

All in all, the training seems to be extensive and this is important considering the email marketing stage is where a significant number of people fail with this business idea. If you can get to a point where your emails are being opened and clicked, half of the battle is already won.

Conversion Academy ($997)

Next up, we have a course that will explain the process of boosting conversions right across the sales funnel. The more conversions you have, the more money you’re going to make over an extended period of time. This time, there are six different modules called Epic Story, Mind Control Hacks, Live Sales Formula, Evergreen Sales Formula, High Ticket Sales, and Affiliate Ticketing.

As you should start to see, each course builds on the one before and teaches a skill that’s critical for success. Now you’ve mastered email marketing, the focus is on getting those conversions and putting the business in a great position for success.

Traffic Academy ($997)

Rather than sending everybody to your website and hoping something will stick, the Traffic Academy course will teach you how to utilize targeted traffic. Using Facebook and several other platforms online, you’ll learn how you can send more targeted traffic to your website thus increasing profits.

With five modules in total, they’re named FB Traffic Academy, YouTube Traffic Formula, Instagram Traffic Formula, Bing/Yahoo Traffic, and CPA Traffic Formula. Rather than throwing every platform together in one module, AWOL Academy separates them and this can be useful. Considering all of these platforms are growing exponentially at the moment, this course should provide good value for money.

Masters Academy ($3,497)

Now, we reach the two biggest courses and it starts with the Masters Academy which focuses more on you as an entrepreneur than anything else. With all the courses we’ve seen so far, these should have you in a great position and you should be making some money. Now, you’ll learn about Mindset Hacks, Wealth Strategies, and Solopreneur to CEO in three modules.

Previously, the creators have said that more and more will be added to the course in the coming years so this is great news. In fact, they may have already added more while I’m writing this review. If you want to continue the path of growth and build wealth, this chapter should be incredibly useful for this.

AWOL Elite ($9,997)

Finally, we have the biggest of them all and it’s the AWOL Elite package. If you decide to choose this one right from the beginning, you’ll benefit from everything we’ve discussed so far as well as a two-hour weekly webinar and access to a private Facebook group where you’ll receive mentoring.

Of course, this is a huge investment and it might put you off the idea but, if you decided to progress through the courses as suggested, you should now be at a stage where you’re making money. With this final course, you can ask questions to Kameron and Keala directly while they review your funnel; this can be invaluable if you want to keep pushing forward.

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Promoting AWOL Academy

If you follow the natural path, you’re likely to promote AWOL along the way but this isn’t compulsory. If you want to work with other products and niches, this is absolutely fine and others have seen success without having to promote the program itself. If you want to become an affiliate, it costs a little under $40 per month and you’ll find the information you need with a simple Google Search.

After asking my coach for some details, they told me that 30% commission rates were available as well as earning 3% of the sales of direct referrals. In addition to this, there are ready-made funnels and even some additional training. In order to get started, affiliates will need the Traffic Academy package.

If we break this down, 30% commission on high-ticket items is actually very generous. With the cost of membership, you’ll receive training, funnels, and other valuable items. Plus, you’ll earn an added 3% of all your referral’s sales which is another benefit. The more referrals you make and get set up, the more money you can earn over a period of time.

If you’re wondering whether the requirement of Traffic Academy is normal, this is something seen with most high-ticket funnel programs but there is a difference. With most platforms, you have to buy every single package in order to sell it but this isn’t the case with AWOL Academy. Even if you sit back on the Traffic Academy without ever investing in the larger packages, you can still earn commission on Elite purchases and this is something I love about the program.

In addition to this, we should also note that you aren’t just buying the course for the sake of it. For the most part, you need it for the information and training so it becomes worthwhile anyway.

AWOL Academy: Is It a Scam?

So, we’ve reached the section of the guide you’ve been waiting for; is AWOL Academy a scam? Considering the high prices and the option to promote the system in which you’ve invested, your mind might automatically jump to ‘scam’ but it isn’t as easy as this.

If you were to pay thousands of dollars just for the luxury of promoting any old system, and the content keeps talking about getting rich in a quick time, it would be a different story. The fact is, both creators must have worked incredibly hard to compile all this information into one program. Therefore, it actually feels natural to promote a program that is genuinely useful. If you got good value from the packages, the price is then relative.

Rather than making promises impossible to keep, both owners are open and honest throughout which is a breath of fresh air for this industry. Regularly, they talk about the hard work and determination required to make money regardless of the courses and packages you buy from AWOL Academy and not many platforms have this integrity.

Could you find the same information on the internet? Perhaps, in part, but not all in one place and compiled in a way that suits both beginners and those with experience like this one. For all these reasons, I don’t think AWOL Academy is a scam at all.

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What About the $10,000 Guarantee?

While the guarantee is absolutely real, there are some important conditions and the biggest is your ownership of the Elite package. From here, you’ll receive mentoring and the team can ensure that you’re on the right path with your campaigns. In addition to this, there are strict conditions placed on you every day. Mainly, you should compete the ‘5 Pillars’ of success which includes audio listening, reading, emailing your list, generating traffic, and contributing to the forum.

If you’re ready to become an Elite member while taking action on a daily basis, you should be able to take advantage of this system. Although I’m not sure, I believe you can also use the guarantee for various other niches.


Despite not trying every single package, I think there’s tremendous value with AWOL Academy because the training is fantastic and it’s all told in the right way. Right from the very beginning, you’re guided through the steps and how to progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If every course after the first continues in the same vein (I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t!), the Academy is valuable and will help your business to launch successfully.

Sure, you’ll need to pay out large sums for the Elite course but perhaps we should consider this as an investment? So long as you use the training and follow their advice, there’s no reason why you won’t get this money back in the near future.

If you’re currently considering several programs and platforms, AWOL Academy will be a great one to add to the list!

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