How I Built A List Of Over 40,000 People For Affiliate Marketing

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How I Built A List Of Over 40,000 People For Affiliate Marketing


Hey, guys. What’s going on? Joshua Elder here and in this video, I’m going to show you how I built an email affiliate marketing list of 44,000 people from my affiliate marketing business. Make sure that you take a lot of good notes and make sure that you slam that subscribe button if you haven’t already. I’m always uploading videos on a weekly and even sometimes a daily basis that will help you build a life and business full of freedom, passion and fulfillment.


Today, we’re going to be talking about how I built an email list of 44,000 people for my affiliate marketing business and you can apply this to any niche, you guys. You don’t have to be in affiliate marketing. You could be selling pretty much or promoting anything out there online or offline.

We’re going to give you a four-step process within this video that you can follow, so make sure that you’ve come ready and that you’ve got your favorite beverage. I’ve got my Kangen Water right here. Maybe I’ll talk a little bit more about that later but make sure you have that and let’s go ahead and dive into the content.

Search Phrases

Number one, what you want to do is you want to write down a list of 50 different search phrases your customer would type into YouTube search engine. I want you to think about the problems of your potential customer. I want you to think about what’s running through their head day in and day out. I really want you to get in the mind of your target prospect. Instead of thinking about what you want, at the end of the day, think about what your customer wants.

I want you to write down, yes, 50 different search phrases, spend the next 30 minutes just do a brain dump and write down as many search phrases as you can. I’m going to go back, guys. I’m going to go back about six years back to 2012 and I’m going to show you some examples of how I structured this whole campaign from scratch and you guys saw in the last video a spreadsheet of how I track everything.

Well, early on, this is what I did. Check this out. I made a list and you guys are going to be absolutely amazed, and I think somewhat inspired too, but let me just open this first video. This is the first video I ever shot in my parent’s basement. Look how terrible the lighting is. Here was my website It’s probably not even active anymore. It was March 25th, 2013.

Mini Channels

If I go back to the spreadsheet here, you can see not only do I have that video, but for 90 days straight, I shot video after video. Look at this. What I would do is I would set up these videos on separate channels. This channel right here is Makemoneyonline Fast and if I scroll down here a little bit … And by the way, some of these channels aren’t active anymore. Like for example, this channel isn’t active anymore, but what I would do is I would create these separate channels that were based around a specific key phrase that somebody would type into YouTube.

For example, if you look at this channel, I was targeting Makemoneyonline Fast. That’s what I was wanting to rank for. If somebody would type in “make money online fast” right here, “make money online fast,” then my goal was to rank at the top for that specific keyword phrase. Back in like 2012 to 2015, what you could do is you could optimize the name of your channel for the search phrase that you wanted to rank for and then that would improve your rankings.

What I did is I decided to write out all these different keywords and I created email addresses around these separate specific key phrases and I built separate channels. You could see it was a lot of work but it worked extremely well. This is what allowed me to create my first six figures on the internet. Look, here’s another one, makemoneyonlinefromhome. It’s got an X at the end because just makemoneyonlinefromhome, I don’t know if the channel was available or what was going on there. But as long as I had that keyword phrase in the channel and also in the title and then in the description, that is what really would help me rank at the very top of the search engine. Like this video, I got 1,197 views.

Now, if you go search for this video now, if I type in “how to make money online from home,” you’re not going to see it. It’s no longer ranking. This is a strategy that worked back in, again, 2012 to about 2015. After 2015, YouTube started focusing more on things like viewer retention, likes, comments, shares and overall social engagement. But for a long time, I could create these little mini sniper videos and upload them and spread them across multiple channels and I made a lot of money doing it.

Here’s another one. Let’s see, if we go to … I got some reviews here. We go to this one. I think this one did extremely well too as well; 37,000 views on this one. I’m curious to see actually if I’m still ranking for this particular key phrase. I actually am. Let me look at it in an incognito window because it shows that I viewed it before and sometimes … If you’ve viewed a video before, it will automatically rank it higher than it actually is.

Okay, cool. I’m still ranking at the top, but I don’t take these products around anymore. I was ranking for a specific affiliate marketing, make money online product. But you can see, somebody’s video still ranked. Most of them don’t rank as well or they’re just off the first page. They’re like on the third or fourth page.

Don’t Limit Yourself

This tactic can still work extremely well to rank but I just want you to be mindful. And you can see, guys, like look at all these videos. I was grinding. I was uploading like two videos a day, three videos a day. Sometimes five videos a day other times. What I would do is I would create a channel, put a video on that channel. Create another channel. Put a video on that channel and then create three more channels. Put videos on those channels and then I would use those five channels sometimes initially to put more videos on those five channels.

So then, I wasn’t limited to just uploading one video a day and only receiving so much traffic, but I could upload five videos a day across five different channels and really, really crushed it. I would have basically keyword specific channels, which is the channels that you’re seeing here. Then, I would have theme channels that are based around a specific theme like my Real IM Reviews channel right here.

Look, you can see that this is all about internet marketing product reviews. I might include some MLM reviews in here, but for the most part, the videos are based around different product reviews in the affiliate marketing, make money online industry. You can see this goes back to four years ago is when I started this and I’m still uploading videos to this channel to this day.

Themed Channel

This would be a theme channel where I would upload more videos to the channel. Then you have your keyword specific channels, your search phrase channels, which just have one video on the channel. If I go to this CoffeeShopMillionx channel, you can see that I did upload. I was just doing some testing but I decided to upload a different video on here and see how it ranked. But most of these channels just have one single video on them and they rank. It’s pretty crazy, right? A lot of people say, “Well, you need to be posting on a consistent basis. You need to have a lot of engagement on these videos.”


But if you optimize them correctly, sometimes, you just get lucky in your rank. You don’t know why you’re ranking. And so that’s why I would just take a lot of action uploading these videos, optimizing them the best that I could and take my winners and then just kind of forget about my losers. It was kind of throwing spaghetti against the wall finding out what stick. But I did find the formula, and I would track everything from these different outsourcers that I was using from my off-page SEO.

You can see that I would send like 800 social bookmarks, if I would buy comments and likes. There’s a lot of different things that I would do to receive more back links, which are basically links from one site to another site to my video and give more of a viral effect so it would rank higher in the search engine. I would create this effect by hiring people on a website called to make it look like my video is going viral because that’s what YouTube loves. It was kind of gaming the system back in a day, but it worked extremely well and people still kind of do it to this day but it doesn’t work as well as it used to.

Authority Channel

I have those two types of channels and then I have my authority channel, which is this channel right here, which is my main channel. The purpose of this channel is to document the success that I’m having from other channels like these channels here. Whenever I upload a video on YouTube, on my primary channel, it’s going to be more results-driven. This talks about how I made $7,729. I talked about this video in my last video too as well. But again, it’s results-driven and this was a result of what happened in this channel. I have other videos like I have a video that talks about how I make $15,000 per month with micro channels and that’s a result from these little micro channels right here.

This channel is all results-driven. All the results that I’m getting from my business and my life, and then I have this theme channel which is all about internet marketing product reviews. You can have specific-theme channels that are about, for example, intermittent fasting and then you can talk about a diet plan for intermittent fasting, a workout regimen for intermittent fasting, what type of pre-workouts you should be taking, and that would just be within the weight loss industry, the weight loss market and also the muscle building market because some people do intermittent fasting and build muscle. But intermittent fasting would be the specific niche within weight loss.

What we want to do is we want to find different niches and create theme channels around those specific niches. You can kind of see how this is working. The more targeted that we can get on a specific channel, the more themed it can be around a specific topic, the better chance you’re going to have of ranking. So, you want to make sure that, yes, you’re posting as often as possible, but quality of content is more important than quantity of content.

Set Up Multiple Accounts

I think I might be getting ahead of myself here, but that’s step #2, is set up multiple theme channels around these specific search phrases, around these search phrases here. You definitely want to write down your 50 different key phrases and then when you get to step 2, what you want to do is take those key phrases and theme those key phrases because for example, if we’ve got a key phrase that’s all about part-time jobs from home or part-time work from home, then we want … Maybe that’s a theme and maybe we have a channel that’s all about helping people work from home and then maybe we’ve listed some other keywords that are related to that in our top 50 list that we can put into that theme. We want to start theming these different search phrases of these ideas that we’ve come up with and segment them into different themes then we can create separate channels from those.

Guys, obviously, it’s going to take some work but this is a process that works extremely, extremely well as you can see. You’ve seen my past videos, you’ve seen my earnings. I’ve been able to build up-to-date now, it’s been about half a million dollars, over half a million dollars in commissions by putting in work, guys, being consistent and this is all free traffic strategies. Yes, I’ve spent a little bit of money on ranking my videos, but it’s right around $3,000 that I’ve spent. I actually revealed that in my Tube Traffic Selling System webinar which you can get access to for free. I’ll put the link in the description. I’ll also cover more SEO strategies and tactics in more specific detail, but the purpose of this video is to really just give you the four steps.

90 Days of OOE

What I will do is I will go over the script in this video of that, but that’s covered also in that webinar which leads us to step #3. We want to shoot two videos a day for 90 days following my OEE script. Here’s what the script looks like. It’s Open, Explain, Educate and my Close formula. Number one, you want to open by letting people know what your name is and your website. You want to brand your website. And then, what you want to do is you want to let them know they’re in the right place by basically saying what they typed in initially into Google search engine or YouTube search engine, we want to say that search phrase in our video.


If you want to rank for how to promote your YouTube channel and get more subscribers, we want to say that in the first 5 to 10 seconds. You’ll notice here, I say, “Hey, this is Josh Elder from helping you create a life and business full of freedom, passion and fulfillment. You’re here because you want to know how to promote your YouTube channel and get more subscribers.” That would be the first step there.


The next step is going to be the explain. What we want to do is we want to explain what we’re going to cover in the video. We’re kind of setting the precedence here. I would say, “In this video, I’m going to show you four ways to promote your YouTube channel and get more subscribers,” pretty much that simple.


And then here is where we want to educate. This is where we give people the actual content, the meat of what we’re going to cover in this video, basically giving them the solution to their problem. What I would do here is they’re looking to learn how to promote their YouTube channel and get more subscribers. So, right here, I would cover like four steps that will help them do that. Right here, you can see I have step #1 and then eventually, I got the end which is step #4 right here.


And then, after we do that, we want to close. And the purpose of the close is to give you the opportunity to get somebody to subscribe, get somebody to comment, get somebody to like and most importantly, get somebody to check out the resources links in the description of your video. In this case, I say, “I hope you enjoy the value in the four ways to promote your YouTube channel and get more quality subscribers. If you got value, like this video and hit the subscribe button. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment below letting me know what your biggest take-away from this video was. Last but not least, don’t forget to get access to my free guide in the description, showing you how to build and grow your business using nothing more than your smartphone and YouTube platform. Talk soon, and take care.”

I know there are some run-on sentences there, but you kind of get the idea of how that works. You want to have one intention when you shoot your videos. If you really just want to get people to the description to your link, to your website, that should be your priority and you should have calls to action throughout the course of your video telling people exactly what to do.

Call to Action

What’s a call to action? It’s basically telling your viewer what to do next. We need to tell people what to do next or they won’t do it. It might seem second nature for us, but it’s not second nature for them. Here’s an example. We would say something like, “Hey, if you want to know even more about using SEO strategies to rank your videos at the top of YouTube and become an authority in your niche, click the first link below in the description, and I’ll give you access to a free guide that shows you in more detail how to build and grow your business on YouTube.” There’s the plug right there. I’m actually going to give you one at the end of this video here, so make sure that you stay tuned for that.


We’ve covered the first three steps. Step #4, I covered briefly when we were going over step #1 and step #2, but you want to make sure that you have proper on-page and off-page SEO. Yes, you can hire the right people on Yes, obviously, I give you access to all my Fiverr resources, my Rolodex of people that I use on Fiverr. If you have access to my Tube Traffic Selling System, I will put a link in the description if you want to get direct access to that. You can also check out the webinar. I’ll put that below.

But you want to make sure that you have proper on-page and off-page SEO. It’s all about what you put in the title, the description and the tags that will affect how well you rank. Also, what you say in the video and most importantly your overall user engagement, all of the off-page stuff, the likes that you get on your video, the comments. If a lot of people are commenting on a video, typically, it says that it’s somewhat decent quality. Also, negativity attract attention too, so even if there are a bunch of negative comments and a crappy video, that will help it rank to as well. That’s the flip side of the coin.

Affiliate Marketing List: Conclusion

If you want this whole entire formula in complete and utter detail, I have my course below, and I even have that free training webinar that you can get access to in the description as well as if you’re looking to build and learn how to become an independent entrepreneur. I’ll provide my top recommended system if you’re looking to get started and make money online, or just take your overall business to the next level. I’ve got links in the description. I’ve got you taken care of. Check them out.

This is Joshua Elder, signing off. If you got value from this video, subscribe. There’s my plug, along with a few other plugs, and go ahead and like this video and comment below what your thoughts are. I hope you got some value from this video, and we’ll see you in the next one. Take care.


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