$500 Cash Club Review: Scam Or Rebrand Of A Well Known System?

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$500 Cash Club Review:
Scam Or Rebrand Of A Well Known System?

What is it?

Hey, guys, what’s happening? Joshua Elder here and today we’re gonna be doing a $500 Cash Club review and I’m going to take a completely different approach for this specific review. I’m going to urge you to look at the marketing of how people sell and promote products online versus looking at the opportunity.

Let me explain what I mean by this. I’m going to give you guys a full review. You obviously wanna know if this is a scam or if it’s legit, but once I explain the marketing behind it, I believe it’s gonna make a lot more sense to you as to why the marketers are marketing this business opportunity the way that they are.

Basically, what it is, is it’s a unique landing page that they’re using. They’re using a unique sales video that goes to a current product that I actually promote and that a lot of people are aware of but they don’t know that they’re aware of it until they get to the end once they purchase. This is a great example of separating yourself completely away from the marketplace and we talk about this. We talk about if you want to succeed online you got to be able to separate yourself. You got to be able to look at what most other affiliates are doing and you can apply this to any business. I don’t care if you’re selling pills and potions or if you’re selling real estate or insurance. You want to look at what everybody else is doing and do the complete opposite because there’s going to be so much competition in people promoting a same thing, the same way with the same sales materials.

$500 Cash Club Review Difference

You’ll notice with what this person’s doing is they’re promoting the same opportunity but they’re using their own landing page here. They’re using a different sales video and they’re using a whole different, entire offer but leading people to the same product as other people. When you join a company, if it’s network marketing, if it’s an affiliate marketing, they want to help you hit the ground running. They’re going to give you tools. They’re going to give you resources to help you get those first few sales but once you start scaling up your business, you’re going to notice it’s a bit more difficult because people have been exposed to the same offer that you are exposing them to.

Let me show you what this person does that’s completely different than what other people are doing and then we’ll talk about the product and whether it’s a scam or whether it’s legitimate. I went to bing here and I just typed make money online and you’ll notice it’s the number one, two, three, fourth ad right here. It’s the $500 Cash Club. I went ahead and I clicked on it and it’ll take you of course to this landing page that you came to when you first were exposed to $500 Cash Club. It says, “Make money and change your life now. You will be making real money working from the comfort of your own home.” This is geared towards people that really want to make money online. They want to work from home. They want more freedom. They want to quit their nine to five job. They want to maybe supplement their income.


I want you to pay attention to the marketing. Number one, they’re saying $500 profit guaranteed for new members and insert location in Utah. That’s one way that they’re going to grab your attention is they make a guarantee and then they let you know that this is available for people in your area. You’re like, “Oh my gosh. Awesome.” Then, there’s scarcity right here that’s inserted, limited to only 50 people. What it does is it takes your IP address, depending on where you’re at in the world and if you’re in California, this is going to say California. The way that this webpage is created, it’s got a certain how do I explain it without getting too complex? It’s got a certain code that when you go to this page it will recognize your IP address and where it’s from. Based off of that IP address, it will say, “Okay, this specific state is congruent with this IP address.” That’s how it’s showing no matter where you’re coming to this page from, it’s going to show up for your specific location. That helps improve conversions and then of course you’ve got the scarcity piece.

Then down here it says, “Work from home opportunities have been featured on MSNBC, Fox News, CNN.” It doesn’t say this specific opportunity but what it’s doing is if you look at all these major news networks, when you see these news networks, you’re like, “Okay, these are reputable news networks and so you think that this offer is legitimate and that it’s not a scam.” Instead of saying, “This is featured in,” it says, “Work from opportunities have been featured on.” Not the specific opportunity, so they can get away with that.

Again, pay attention to the marketing. You may not think this is ethical and they’re taking the truth and stretching it but this stuff works. The reason why these experts are putting the pages together like this is because they convert. Whether you believe it or not, they convert. There’s a method to the madness. There’s a reason why you’ve got bullet points here. There’s a reason why this is highlighted in yellow. There’s a reason why this says check for availability now and it goes from orange to green.


Think about this. When you are going out there trying to make money online, look at the marketing instead of the offer. Big, big thing here. I’m going to go to the next page here after you fill in your name and email address. You’re going to come to this page and this is the sales video right here for this specific offer. There’s a certain pitch that they use in this offer, they’re basically saying there’s an automated system that if you plug into it, it will spit out 1,000, 3,0000, and $5,000 commissions for you. This software was developed by this programmer who spent years and years and years creating this software. They’re creating this story to sell this offer and this offer’s not necessarily a specific piece of software but basically there’s a system that does do all the selling for you and there’s coaches that will take care of all the selling if you don’t feel like you’re a salesperson, the coaches take care of everything for you.

The offer is built around a culmination of those things that I just explained, the software, the coaching doing all the closing for you, it spits out 1,000, 3,0000, and $5,000 commissions. This offer is wrapped around this specific program and this software I guess you can say to allow you to make money.

Then it’s $97 and they claim that all you have to do is pay for hosting, which isn’t the truth. You’re basically paying for the actual system. You’re paying for the coaches. You’re paying for the whole sales process, the web pages. I guess your paying for the hosting but you’re paying for the whole process that’s going to do the selling on you and also do the selling on other people.

Understanding the Marketing

Again, understanding the marketing and once you go to this page, this is the actual checkout page. If you try to leave the page, this pop up pops up. It’s a down sell for $67 to get access to the same system. The initial price is $97 and of course if it will do it, it’s not going to do it anymore but typically if I take my mouse off the page, here we go, that pop up pops up and then it leads me to the discounted page right here, which of course once we get here we realize what the real offer is which, is Aspire, which is Digital Altitude, which is the same offer that I’ve been able to create near a $300,000 income from in the past year and a half. I actually did it personally without my own sales pages. I have my own landing pages, okay? I have my own pages like this but this person has their own unique sales page, which again is an advantage for them and it’s got the $500 Cash Club brand right here, but the system behind it is Digital Altitude.

You see a lot of these people doing this out there. People that are within Digital Altitude do it. People that are within MOBE do it if you notice. I’ve done reviews in the past where there was I think there was a WiFi millionaire system. There was I think two other systems that I see that were just front end systems that lead people to the same backend offer. The reason they’re doing this guys is to separate themselves from the other affiliates that are promoting the same exact offers.

Yeah, it takes being able to connect with rhe right people that know how to create these sell pages right here and it takes being able to have some know-how and some knowledge of copywriting and being able to setup these types of pages, which at this point I know how to do now but you have to understand if you’re new, you don’t want to learn all this stuff. But, I want you to understand it so eventually you can get to a place where you can take leaps and bounds over other people and can create results much faster and get to that next level. It’s good to know this stuff. Instead of thinking one dimensional and thinking about is this a scam or is it real? Understand the marketing, there’s a reason why the marketers have created the page where they’ve created it because it converts whether you like it or not it converts for the masses.

Is this system legitimate? Yes, I promote it. Do I think some of these landing pages and sales pages create too much hype? Yes, with anything, it’s going to require that you put in work. It’s going to require that you are consistent. It’s going to require that you have a coach that can tell you the things that I’m telling you to help you overcome the unknown roadblocks that you’re going to coming come across.

$500 Cash Club Review: Conclusion

If you’re interested in working with me personally, again completely up to you. If you resonate with this, if you resonate with the value and the content that I give to you, there’s going to be a link in the description where you can sign up for my top recommended system and I’m going to show you how to get started the right way. Ninety-nine percent of your success is mindset and also getting access to the right mentor and doing everything that they say without an ego even if it might not make sense to you. That is the key to success. If that’s you and you’re willing to forget about the past, forget about all the failures that you’ve gone through, forget about all the overwhelm you’ve dealt with, and if you’re willing to trust in me, trust in yourself and believe that making money online is possible, I want to help you do that. I genuinely do. I’m not here to sell or tell.

If you’re not interested, go ahead and click off this video. You have the ability to choose and do whatever you want. I’m not trying to make you do something that you don’t want to do but I do hope you got value from this video. If you want to lock arms with me, click the link below in the description. I also have my social media URLs that you can get in contact with me through and I would love to assist you in your endeavors, building a life and business full of freedom, passion, fulfillment. With that said, click the link below in the description and we’ll see you in the next video. Take care.


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