you’re at this video because you’re sick and tired of attracting low quality or un motivated customers. Maybe you’ve been told to prospect using phone lead generation systems, hit up friends and family or talk to random people in shopping malls using the famous one liner “You look like a sharp person, do you keep your business options open?

In this video I’m going to show you how I used YouTube to attract high quality leads and customers instead of handing out business cards, doing three way calls, hotel meetings, and even hustling on the streets.

MLM Lead Generation – My Story

Believe it or not, exactly 3 years ago I started my first successful network marketing business from my parents basement with nothing but my web camera my laptop and an internet connection.

After failing in my first network marketing company back in 2006 and later struggling with door to door sales in 2008, I started asking myself if there was a more effective way to generate leads and sales inside of businesses without dealing with the numbers game and constant rejection.

During the span of these two years I began to study online marketing and realizing the power of advertising mediums like Google Adwords, SEO, and YouTube.

October 2008 at the age of 21 I got a full time jewelry sales job while attending college and by 2010 I realized how big this “internet thing” was going to be so I dropped out of college to focus my efforts on learning internet marketing.

After jumping around from online strategy to online strategy I finally got focused in 2012 and focused my effort on Google SEO. I would basically rank websites at the top of Google for specific phrases that people would type into the search engine.

By April 2012 I had over 80 websites ranked that I lost over night due to an update that Google had within their algorithm system. In other words, they updated their internal system to change what websites were ranked at the top.

That day, I realized the difference between playing the short game as an online entrepreneur and playing the long game. When you are marketing online you don’t have home field advantage. You are playing on someone else court. But, if you play their game you can win and you can win BIG.

I took some of the strategies with SEO that I had developed and I started applying these strategies with Youtube videos. After all, Google wasn’t the only platform to market on in town.

In as little as 5 minutes I could shoot a video with my web camera upload it to YouTube and rank it at the top of their search engine (and even Google’s). By that point Google had bought YouTube for $1.65 billion and now YouTube is the #2 search engine and website in the world.

By now, I hope you see the value in leveraging social media and YouTube for MLM lead generation.

By 2013 I had my first $1,000 day online in my MLM business and in late 2014 I quit my job to go full time.

Ever since then I’ve been consistently making over 6 figures a year all from 100% free advertising methods and leveraging video marketing on YouTube.

MLM Lead Generation – How To Generate Leads On YouTube

If I can start marketing on YouTube with zero experience on camera and do it with no professional equipment in my parents basement, so can you.

To get started all you need is your smartphone some courage and an internet connection.

Write an outline for your video and exactly what you want to cover so when you go to shoot your video, you are prepared and on track. This way, you don’t start rambling. You can even script your video if you wish.

I’ve researched many different video professionals and many of them like to freestyle while others like to script. I like to do a combination of both depending on the topic and the depth I want to cover.

In this video, I’m scripting using a few different resources:

– My iPad with Scripting software

– caddie buddy teleprompter

If you want get access to either of these resources, I’ll be sure to put them in the description below

MLM Lead Generation – 3 Steps To Get Quality Leads From YouTube

1. Keyword Research – You can use a tool called the Google Keyword planner to find common search phrases that people type into YouTube called “keywords.” Instead of creating a video hoping that people will search for it and that it will get traffic, you can identify the demand for a search phrase before you create your video.

Make a list of the problems your industry faces and write them down. After plug them into the Google Keyword planner and see the results you get.

I used the keyword planner to identify that there was a large group network marketers looking to learn more about lead generation.

If I go to Google and type in “mlm lead generation” there are roughly 320 people interested in that topic every single month.

I can also use YouTube instant search to figure out what keywords are  popular on Youtube right now.

If you want a little bit more information about Youtube’s instant search and  keyword research and making money on YouTube, I’ve got a video at the end of this video that you can check out. Also, check out my link in the description below to discover the 4 steps to attracting premium clients with video.

2. Review Other MLM Opportunities – Chances are if someone is researching a MLM opportunity they are most likely interested in it. If you give them enough value and reasons as to why the should join you, there is a good chance they will join you. Typically, people don’t join companies because there is an amazing product involved. They join because they are teaming up with you.

To find a list of MLM Opportunities you can go to Google and type in  List of “MLM companies” and there you’ll find hundreds.

3. Use Youtube Adwords Ads – You can use paid advertising and Google Adwords for video to target specific keywords, video placements, interest groups, topics, and even demographics that you want your video to be viewed to.(This may be exactly how you came across this video)