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I’d like to take a moment to show you how to find a mentor in literally 4 simple steps! I can’t stress enough the amount of power that can be realized by finding someone who can “shortcut” your success and its associated learning curve. It’s something that is well worth your initial business investment.

I also want to stress that the very fact you’re investigating this business option (through YouTube, websites, etc.) shows a lot about you, as a potential successful businessperson. It shows that you’re smart and that you’re not trying to “re-invent the wheel”. I offer you congratulations for that. Here are the 4 steps that I want to emphasize.

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Step 1: Find Someone Who Is Getting Results Right Now

Step 1: First of all, figure out your passion. What end-goal do you wish to accomplish? Along with this, you’ll want to keep in mind that you should find a mentor who is actively getting results. You should be aware that there are a lot of folks out there who neglect to practice what they preach. They may tell you one thing and then do something completely different themselves.


Step 2: How To Find A Mentor – Finding Your Mentor

Step 2 is actually finding a mentor. This can be achieved by going to events and reading books (possibly by visiting the business book section in However, a huge thing is utilizing Social Media resources. Actually, I found my first mentor on YouTube, who helped me to change my life.

As a result of this change, I was able to quit my non-fulfilling job and I acquired the ability to travel the world full-time, work on my new business and implement the advantages of video marketing (via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.).

Most Importantly…

I advise getting to events and interacting with others – especially those who have the success that you desire. Making this particular effort “does something” to you that is difficult to explain. But, it can lead to a breakthrough in which you may realize that you too can do it!

This happens when you get the chance to see successful individuals who are obviously no different than you, except for the fact that they have different habits that relate to their business. Everything else is the same. At that point, it becomes clear that there’s no reason why you can’t do it, as well.

Step 3: Find A Mentor That Practices What They Preach

Step 3 is to make sure that a potential mentor practices what they preach. This means that they’re “in the trenches”, getting results and they have a proven track record. As for me, I’m always tracking my results. I don’t do this to brag but to show my results to others and also to let you know that, at one time, I was where you’re at.

Here, I want to point out that you should be aware of mentors who say one thing, but do something different – or if they’re telling you to implement one strategy while they’re doing another.


You’ll also want to make sure that your vision matches theirs. Additionally, they should be more interested in people, as opposed to just profit (by the way, these mentors can be difficult to find).

Step 4: How To Find A Mentor – Accountability 

Step 4 is something that I consider to be the most valuable. You’ll want to know how to find a mentor that can hold you accountable. This means that they will hold you to a higher standard – tell you what to do, be honest with you and tell you when you’re doing things wrong – as opposed to friends, family, acquaintances and other people who may not want to “hurt your feelings”.

These are people who will hold you to a higher standard and help you to “think bigger”. They will help you to expand your thinking and expand your mind. They won’t let you down.

They’ll also show you that you won’t let yourself down either. They’ll have your best interest at heart and truly want you to succeed. They’ll be there for you and give you the outline/plan for how they’re going to mentor you and assure you that they’re going to help you execute it.

Just from some personal experience – if you’re looking to invest in a mentor (myself or somebody else), you pretty much tend to get what you pay for. A mentor with a proven track record and who exemplifies all the qualities that I just mentioned, will obviously not be offering “bargain basement” prices. If they do – then check their track record and research whether or not they practice what they preach.
When you align yourself with someone who has the same beliefs and values as you do, you’ll get to your success a lot quicker. When that happens, I can guarantee that the premium price that you’re paying will definitely be well worth it.

So, are you ready to follow through with your plan to achieve success? Have you put things off long enough? Discover, for yourself, how a mentor with a proven track record can get you started on the road to realizing your dream of limitless opportunity and the freedom that comes from successfully running your own online business.

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