Forsage Smart Contract Review – Is It A SCAM Or Legit Ethereum MLM?

Forsage Smart Contract Review – Is It A SCAM Or Legit Ethereum MLM?


“Joshua Elder here, welcome back to the channel.

And today, I wanna do a review for you on a company called Forsage.

It is a crypto currency company.

As you guys know, mostly on this channel I teach affiliate marketing and really how to build a life and business full of freedom, passion, and fulfillment.

And I wanted to do a little bit more research on this company because somebody that I know in the online marketing space brought this opportunity to my attention and said Josh, you got to take a look at it.

This is something where people are just generating massive results, we’re talking about one person, I believe in nine weeks, generated nearly half a million dollars.

I think it was like $480,000.

Somebody else in one day, or almost two days generated like $35,000.

And so, when you hear claims like that, there’s either a lot of smoke and mirrors or, you know, it sounds like it’s too good to be true or it could be something actually legitimate.

And so, I’ve been in this industry for about 10 years.

I’ve been working from home full-time for about six years.

And I’ve been around the block long enough to really know what is legitimate and what isn’t legitimate.

And so, I came into looking at Forsage with a completely open mind.

Just like I do with anything.

And I always look at opportunities from the standpoint, can I make money, and can brand new, everyday people make money as well?

Because I’ve got experience in this industry and so I can probably go out there and absolutely crush an opportunity like this but can you guys actually crush an opportunity like this?

And what sells most opportunities is the story.

Is the hype.

And it’s typically a bubble that like grows and grows and grows over time because it’s the story that’s actually making people the income and then at some point it pops.

And that’s when people leave the opportunity and they go to a completely new opportunity.

I don’t know if you guys have seen it before but you see a lot of gurus jump from one thing to another then to another thing and then to another.

And, number one, it’s important to have multiple sources of income, right?

But number two, a lot of times they’re jumping from one opportunity to another because it’s not as hot.

It’s not in that hot stage ’cause what happens with opportunities and, trust me guys, I’ll get to the review but this is important because what happens with opportunities is there’s a moment where a new opportunity launches, a new shiny object.

And a bunch of people are getting on board.

And when a bunch of people are getting on board, they’re getting results, right?

They’re bringing their full email list, they’re bringing their whole down-line from other companies, if they’re doing multi-level marketing, to this new company.

And so very rapidly and very quickly because it is new, and you got all these leaders that have big lists, it makes it appear like the opportunity is the best opportunity out there.

So you’re seeing tons of success stories.

And so what happens is when other leaders see people that they know having success, they jump in and then it creates this domino effect to where other people that that person knows now, you know, joins and they start getting results and it just, like I said, creates that continuity domino effect down the road.

And then eventually what happens is after the lists of the leaders dry out, whether it be like their email list in terms of internet marketing or it be, you know, their warm list, friends and family, once that drys out, then the opportunity doesn’t sell as well because not as many people are getting results.

So, it’s important when you join an opportunity that you join it when it’s hot.

And also know the expectation that if you’re making a lot of money from the beginning you’re not always going to making a lot of money, right?

And so you see, once again, a lot of people do what’s called this pump and dump where leaders will promote something for a while, then it dries out, and then they go and promote the next thing.

And so it’s really knowing the game of how a BizOps work.

Just like how Michael Jordan knows how the game of basketball is played and he became a master of it.

So when he would step on the court, he knew what to expect from the other team ’cause he studied it.

He experienced so many games and got better over time.

You see, most people get into BizOps without the right expectation.

So when you go into a business opportunity, go into it with the understanding, not like looking at it from a, sort of, Goalable point of view to where, oh my gosh, all these people are making money.

That means I’m gonna make a lot of money because my success is in the opportunity.

Don’t think like that.

Because I’ve been there before, I understand that the people that are making big money are making big money because they got an audience.

They’ve got a big email list of people that they can go and they can just market to.

And so when you see that person having success you’re not reading between the lines.

You’re not seeing that they actually put in quite a bit of work to be in the position that they’re in.

And a lot of people will not tell you that.

So you’ll come in, you might get a few sales, you might get a little duplication, but, chances are, you’re not going to get the results that other people make you think because it’s all about having that list.

It’s all about getting customers.

If you don’t have, if you’re not marketing, like, for example, if McDonald’s didn’t market whatsoever, right?

They didn’t let people know about, they didn’t have commercials, they didn’t do radio, they didn’t do online advertising.

Do you think many people would come into their storefront?

Probably just people that were walking by.

But if we’re talking about online, no one’s gonna walk by your website because it’s not in a physical location.

So the only way for people to see your website is to market on social media.

Is to do, like YouTube videos or do Facebook posts, go in groups, go in forums and market.

That’s how you build an audience.

So, never expect an opportunity to do all that stuff for you and that’s what most people come into companies like Forsage and they expect that to happen.

So, now that I’ve said that, what I really like about this company, I spent last night watching just all the videos.

And what I love about it is number one, yes it is Cryptocurrency, it’s Ethereum.

So it teaches you how to use the Ethereum Blockchain and how to use the Forsage smart contract and make money from it.

Now I’m not a Crypto expert but I understand the importance of decentralization.

And what that means is with most opportunities, when you join an opportunity and you make a commission as an affiliate, then what happens is it goes to the company owner’s merchant account.

So they have hold of the money.

And then, typically you’ve gotta wait 30 days before they’re gonna pay you out.

And a lot of times, company owners will just run off with the money and you won’t be able to get your payout, get what you deserve.

This happened with a lot of companies out there.

This happened with USI Tech.

It happened with, and again, I haven’t really studied a lot of Cryptocurrency opportunities, but most companies, the company owners will just ghost, they’ll leave and they’re just pure scams.

And so what was really cool about this specific company is the fact that it’s decentralized.

So the company owners have no control over the money.

The money is kinda peer to peer.

So it goes directly from the consumer, the prospect, to the recruiter, the person, the affiliate that recruited that prospect.

And so it goes straight from one hand to another hand.

So, number one, it’s Ethereum.

Ethereum is likely to go up over time just like Bitcoin has gone up, obviously it crashed, but it’s going back up.

And Ethereum has a tendency to do with what Bitcoin is doing.

And as long as it continues to go up, then this is a great opportunity because you can earn Ethereum, hold it, and then potentially double, triple, quadruple plus your income.

So you got Ethereum, you got the decentralization, you have what’s called a Matrix Compensation Plan.

And there’s two different types of matrices and I’m not gonna get into detail about that.

I was actually confused going through it.

But I do know that if you are a recruiter, in other words, you recruit people that produce.

Right, you have producers and you have recruiters.

Producers are people that will get under you and just bring in a lot of people but they’re not really like team leaders.

Team leaders, what they do, they go out and they try and find the producers.

The people that will go out there and bring in a lot of people.

So, in other words, you can also call them team builders.

So team builders and producers.

Now, most people that will make a lot of money with this specific opportunity, because it’s like an MLM, it’s a matrix, are team builders.

In other words, you go and you find producers, you find leaders that can produce a lot of, a lot of people within their down-line.

And so what a lot of people will do that make most the money at the top is they’ll just go and find a bunch of producers.

But then if you’re a producer like me for example, I’m a producer, I’m not really, like a team builder.

I can make quite a bit of money but it’s 100% reliant on me instead of building a team.

And I’m not really one to go out and message people on Facebook and go to people that I’ve met at events and that are other producers and try and get them in and, you know, rush to do all this stuff just for the company to go up and then for it to go potentially back down.

Now, I don’t see this company getting shut down though.

I do see, obviously momentum.

Momentum can only go so high and then, it obviously it goes down.

But I do see this company sticking around for quite some time because it is decentralized.

If anything was to happen, the company owners didn’t carry any of the money.

It’s all through IED’s, it’s all anonymous as you know with the Blockchain.

And so that’s what’s really cool is when somebody commits to this opportunity, they send Ethereum, you keep that Ethereum.

They gotta commit to the process.

Obviously there’s no refunds or anything like that.

People hate refunds.

So you don’t have to deal with any refunds or anything like that.

So, that’s why I really like what they’ve offered here I just don’t like the team building aspect and kinda the multi-level marketing aspect because I am a producer and not really a team builder.

So, I thought about investing into this.

I probably won’t quite yet.

I’m actually gonna wait on it but I wanted to jump on here and give you guys a review because I want to see more of what the numbers look like, like how many people will I need to recruit to make the money that I wanna make.

‘Cause I don’t just look at the story.

I can look at how all these other people having success, $35,000 in a day, half a million dollars in nine weeks.

Like, I can look at all this but I know how they’re making that money.

They’re making that money because they are team builders.

That’s what they do, and so when you’re the guy that’s making $35,000 and $290,000 it’s because you’ve already recruited so many leaders and those leaders are producing.

So that’s why I haven’t really fully committed is because I see other people making that money but it’s really off of team building and not as much off of producing.

So, to really dedicate a portion of my time to this it’s gotta make sense from a monetary perspective.

You know, if I’m gonna put X amount of hours per day or per week into this, what type of income can I expect to make?

I don’t know because the matrix and the compensation plan is so confusing to me, you know?

Now what I wanna do is I wanna switch over to my screen so this is the capture page that I came through.

So I click get instant access.

I came to this page which taught me more about this project, Forsage.

And then there’s this presentation right here and it does talk about the compensation plan.

And I went through this and I was kind of, I was kind of confused about the matrix.

Now, most people would probably just join this blindly because they see all the success stories, they say all the smoke and mirrors.

But they don’t know that, number one, of course as I said in the beginning of this video, these are people that have been around for a while, they have big lists.

Or they just happen to get lucky and they get under a leader and they get spillover and they make money that way.

But a lot of times you’re not being told the full story and so that’s what I wanna do, you know, of course on my channel is give you guys the full story, and then, once you know the expectations, if you wanna join, great.

If not, I’d really hope that I’ve helped you in some way, shape or form.

So I’m gonna hold off on this until I have a little bit more information.

But I wanted to jump on here and tell you guys about Forsage, give you guys my full Forsage review up to this point.

You obviously know I’m not one of those guys that just, you know, is a parrot, that copies somebody else that did a review and says how great and grand this is and I have a link in the description in my YouTube video.

I don’t.

If you go down, there’s no links down there.

So, I really wanna provide you guys value up front, give you guys the right expectations, let you guys know what it’s gonna take.

You might get lucky, you might get under somebody that’s a big producer, but if you wanna make money like those big cats, you’ve got to be a team builder.

You’ve gotta be somebody that’s built a network and that takes months, it takes years.

I’m the type of guy that’s a master of traffic, I know how to drive an endless amount of traffic and so I could probably crush it with this but I’ve already got other projects that I’m working on.

So, it really comes down to will I make more money with the time put in this project or the other project over here and I just don’t know that at this point.

So, that’s where I’m at with Forsage.

I think it’s legit, 100% I think it’s legit but it’s just a matter of making sure the numbers look right.

So I will give you guys an update video.

Once I do, I’ll update the description and put a link in there for you guys.

But if you got value from this, I wanna do more reviews like this on affiliate marketing opportunities, MLM opportunities and everything in between.

If you like the sound of that, let me know in the comments below.

Like this video if you got value from it.

And, yeah guys, we’ll see you in the next video.

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And if you believe that more people need to see this video on Forsage, and kinda save themselves before they decide to invest, please, again, like this video ’cause it helps the algorithm.

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So, thank you so much you guys.

And we’ll see you in the next video.”

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