affiliate marketing tips for beginners

I remember just like it was yesterday I went to Google and searched for affiliate marketing tips for beginners. That very search, after struggling in the industry for a little over 5 years led me to realizing how real and simple affiliate marketing is.

I understand the information overload that people deal with when learning this affiliate marketing game. It’s exactly what caused failure in my affiliate marketing business for so many years.

After dealing with countless trial and error and finally generating a multiple 6 figure income with affiliate marketing in less than a year, here are the 4 steps I would follow if I were to start over from scratch:

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1. Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners – Choose A Specific Niche Market

One of the biggest mistakes people make in this industry is choosing a broad ambiguous audience. The more specific you can get with your niche the better your audience can identify their problem and the easier it’s going to be to solve.

I always believed it’s better to specialize than to generalize. You make a lot more money being the heart surgeon vs the general doctor.

Another example, If people are at the beginning of their weight loss journey they may do research on Google and YouTube by simply typing in “weight loss” or “burn belly fat.” Although we can identify they want to lose weight we don’t know specifics.

They are still in the research phase. It’s like going to the doctor without telling them the symptoms your dealing with.

Now let’s say your audience is typing in “Atkins diet” or “Intermittent fasting,” now we are getting somewhere. It’s the same reason why you came to this article.

You were looking for “Affiliate marketing tips for beginners” instead of just “make money online.” I want people that already know how they want to make money online. Take this advice, you should also be catching people at the end of their search.

If you really want to speed up the rate of success with affiliate marketing, pick a niche that you are passionate about. If it happens to be in the health wealth or love market (any market with a lot of pain) then you’ve got an evergreen profitable business.

People say competition is bad, I say it’s a great thing! The more competition there is the more money you have the potential to make. It’s not about competing anyway it’s about separating yourself from the competition.

You don’t see Lamborghini, Rolls Royce or Ferrari commercials. They are in their own classification. Think like they do, and you’ll make money like they do.

2. Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners – Select A Product

There are hundreds of affiliate networks that you can apply to or create a free account at that list thousands of different products you can start promoting today. I got started with an affiliate network called ClickBank.

ClickBank is a Digital Market Place full of publishers that publish products so affiliates (like us) can promote their products.

Most beginner affiliate marketers are introduced to Click Bank because there is no tedious application process or high barrier to entry. Many affiliate networks out there you need to apply to and prove you’ve gotten results in the past to be able to start promoting their offers.

As you make progress in your affiliate marketing business you can start to promote products from Amazon, Commission Junction, Rakuten, ShareaSale, amongst many others.

Depending on the affiliate network, you’ll need to check with your affiliate manager to see what the highest converting offers are for your niche.

ClickBank doesn’t have affiliate managers but, has a gravity system that reveals the most popular products as well as how well these products are selling.

Below I’ve included a perfect example:

ercise and fitness click bank

You’ll notice I’ve headed over to the ClickBank Marketplace and selected the “Health & Fitness” category and then “Exercise & Fitness” subcategory.

First thing you want to to do is sort your results by gravity. The gravity score is ClickBanks way of telling you how well a product sales. A gravity score of 100 means that there are around 100 affiliates that have sold the vendors product in the last 12 weeks.

In this example you’ll notice that “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” has a gravity score of 196.01. Thus, about 196 affiliates have sold this product in the last 12 weeks. In my book, anything above 20 gravity is great to start with.

If you want to start with a product that has a little less competition go for products that have a gravity between 20 to 100.

Second, you’ll notice that the average sale amount.and average sale percentage. This will tell you that on average affiliates are making $14.50 per sale. It also tells us that affiliates make 81% commission on average throughout the whole entire product funnel.

Lastly the Initial $/sale is how much you make on the sale of the front end product which in this case is $14.27 (or 75%).

As a side note, the best offers have both front end and back end products to up sell people into so you earn more commissions.

The promote button gives you access to your affiliate link. When you share this link across multiple networks and someone clicks it and buys, the commission is tracked back to you.

3. Affiliate Marketing Tips – Become A Proven Testimonial of The Product

I’ve never believed in promoting something I haven’t bought or gone through myself. You never want to be the guy or gal that promotes anything and everything just to make a quick buck.

There is nothing better than having social proof that the product your promoting works. There is no better way then going through the product yourself and creating a positive outcome.

One of the biggest lessons I learned in the affiliate marketing world and with sales in general is that “people by from people.”

Focus on building a relationship with your potential customers and they will buy because they are dealing with Rich or Sally, not just because they are going to learn how to get six pack abs.

Price and competition matter much less when people are buying from someone they know like and trust.

If you are in fact teaching people how to get six pack abs buy a six pack abs product, go through it, implement the teachings and document your entire journey on social media.

I’ve personally documented my affiliate marketing business over on my YouTube Channel and you can feel free to model this strategy for yourself.

4. Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners – Leverage Your Success And Build Your Brand

Remember when I said “People by from people.” This is where building your brand becomes super useful. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of soda? Most likely Coca- Cola. When people think of a product or service you should be at the forefront of their mind.

Ask yourself what you want to be known for. Do you want to be the go to real estate guy or gal when someone thinks of buying a house? Do you want to be the go to insurance salesman when people think of insurance? Do you want to be the go to muscle gaining experts when a hard gainer is looking for a trainer?

Identify what it is and create consistent content solving specific problems within that niche daily. Create media such as articles, videos, podcasts, and emails that give value and then eventually ask for the sale in return.

Don’t get romantic with building your brand on one social media platform. 

Go where the attention goes and use all social media platforms. Start with one, build your income and take at least 20% of your profits to begin outsourcing the tasks you don’t want to do or feel you aren’t good at.

This is where recognizing your strengths is key. If you find that you are great with video and hate writing have someone transcribe your video and put it in the form of a blog post.

Do you want to take your affiliate marketing game to the next level? CLICK HERE to discover the 6 techniques I use to create 6 figure affiliate marketing business.

You’ll discover killer Facebook strategies, learn copywriting and email marketing.

I’ll even teach you how to create an effective personal branded marketing funnel and much more.

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