Meet Josh Elder

Josh Elder is the founder of Next Selection Marketing which is a company designed to help entrepreneurs build and growth their business online while creating and maintaining their freedom.

``A business is not a business if you're broken. I remember after quitting my 9 to 5 and still working 8-12 hour days... Then realizing I didn't need to all along. 80% of what I was doing was producing about 20% of my results. Once I found out out the 20% that was bringing in 80% of my income, I then had true freedom in my business. I help you find the 20% of activities that will give you true leverage and freedom.``

- Josh Elder

The Mission

My mission is to help others create a business and life full of freedom passion and fulfillment.

Through my programs and coaching I help people create leverage and automation in their lives so they can work less have more freedom and get paid what they deserve.

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